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NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

The good get better, and a surprise team moves into the Top 15 for the first time this season

This Thanksgiving, not only were we able to spend the holiday stuffing ourselves with food, we also got a massive portion of entertaining football that had large implications for some of the best teams in the league. For the first time since the early 1900’s, every Thanksgiving game finished with a one-possession score, and that is just proof of how much fun Thursday was.

Like I said last week, the Detroit Lions put up a strong game against the Bills, and almost came away with a win. But even with Amon-Ra St. Brown’s incredible performance, Josh Allen and co. were able to handle business and keep themselves near the top of the rankings.

Even with the high level of competition that we’ve seen this year, there are currently two teams that are clearly the best in their respective conference, and that is the Chiefs and Eagles. Travis Kelce is an unstoppable force, and the run game of the Eagles has been unmatched this year. Jalen Hurts continues on his quest for an MVP.

I don’t really have much to say about the Denver Broncos this week. Actually that’s a lie. Like most of you, I have tons to say about them but most of it is complaints and negative comments. I thought we were going to see this offense be able to build off of the little progress they saw last week with Klint Kubiak calling plays, but boy was I wrong.

Mover of the Week: Dolphins and Jets (up four spots). For the first time this week we have a tie for the MotW award. It may be an overreaction for now, but Mike White sure did make the Jets look better than they have at most time with Zach Wilson at the helm. And the Dolphins have been consistently good this year and continue their climb up the ranks.

Week 13 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 11)
Rank Team Previous (Week 11)
1 Chiefs Chiefs
2 Eagles Eagles
3 Cowboys Cowboys
4 Bills Bills
5 49ers 49ers
6 Vikings +1 Ravens
7 Jets +4 Vikings
8 Dolphins +4 Titans
9 Ravens -3 Patriots
10 Bengals +3 Giants
11 Titans -3 Jets
12 Patriots -3 Dolphins
13 Giants -3 Bengals
14 Commanders +3 Bucs
15 Chargers +1 Seahawks
16 Seahawks -1 Chargers
17 Bucs -3 Commanders
18 Lions +1 Packers
19 Packers -1 Lions
20 Cardinals Cardinals
21 Steelers +2 Rams
22 Browns +3 Saints
23 Rams -2 Steelers
24 Raiders +3 Colts
25 Saints -3 Browns
26 Colts -2 Falcons
27 Panthers +1 Raiders
28 Falcons -2 Panthers
29 Jags +2 Broncos
30 Broncos -1 Bears
31 Bears -1 Jags
32 Texans Texans