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Could the Broncos lose the rest of their games this season?

It’s a real possibility.

Philadelphia Eagles v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

You remember the last time the Broncos won a home game?

It has to have been within the last two months, right? Wrong. The September 25 victory over the San Francisco 49ers was more than two months ago. For those of you who forgot, it was an 11-10 barn-burner that felt like everything but a win.

If you had predicted that would be the last home win of the season back then, people would have called you crazy. With this defense? We have Russ! Just wait until Denver plays the Jags in London. Nathaniel Hackett is going to hit his stride and this offense will be firing on all cylinders.


As it turns out, that was Denver’s last win of the season. October 30 was only a month ago, but watching this team has made it feel so much longer. Maybe it’s the overtime losses.

The Broncos have 6 games left (that’s 24 quarters to those impatiently looking at their watches) and after Sunday’s debacle in Carolina, it looks as though that might just be it for the 2022 season.

Do the Broncos have what it takes to get beaten by both the Arizona Cardinals and the Los Angeles Rams? Could this quite possibly be the worst season since the AFL’s Denver Broncos of the 1960’s? Mike and Jess weigh in on this and other lingering questions from the 2022 Broncos season in this week’s Something Something Broncos. Like:

  • How does Nathaniel Hackett still have a job?
  • What if Russell Wilson is really this bad?
  • Could Seattle use the Broncos pick to draft talent that could haunt the Broncos for a generation?

If misery loves company, you’re going to love this week’s episode!