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Chubb, Smith, Hines, Ridley: Trade Grades

After one of the most eventful trade deadlines in NFL history went down three days ago, let’s take a look at some of the biggest trades and how each team faired in the trade by giving them grades.

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

After one of the most eventful trade deadlines in NFL history went down three days ago, let’s take a look at some of the biggest trades and how each team faired in the trade by giving them grades.

Bradley Chubb: Broncos -> Dolphins

Before the deadline ended, a big time trade was made between the Broncos and the Dolphins with Miami sending their 2023 first-round pick (SF pick), 2024 fourth-round pick, and running back Chase Edmonds for Bradley Chubb and 2025 fifth-round pick.

Broncos Trade Grade: A-

After their trade for Russell Wilson this offseason, the Broncos do not have a first-round pick in the 2023 draft. This trade for the Broncos will now land them with Miami’s first rounder that came their way by means of the Trey Lance trade. It seems the Broncos still have some work to do and are not the team we thought they’d be this year, so getting some draft capital back will only help this team improve for next year. Chubb has also proven to be expendable this season due to the high level play from Dre’Mont Jones and Randy Gregory (before he got hurt).

Miami Trade Grade: A

The Dolphins have been able to use the picks they got from the Lance trade and have turned it into Jaylen Waddle, Tyreek Hill, and now Bradley Chubb. Miami plan on extending Chubb next year so this would not be a half year rental. Miami now have two players on their defense that are top 10 in pass rush win rate, Chubb and Jaelen Phillips. These two pass rushers will help the Dolphins close the gap to their division rivals, the Buffalo Bills, for years to come.

Roquan Smith: Bears -> Ravens

The Bears sent elite tackling machine linebacker, Roquan Smith, to the Baltimore Ravens for a 2023 second and fifth round pick.

Bears Trade Grade: B

I think this is a pretty good trade for the Bears, but the fact the Broncos got a higher quality pick for an inferior defensive player (no disrespect to Bradley Chubb) shows to me that the Bears could have gotten more for Smith, especially since the Bears sent him to a team that is ready to win now. However, a second and a fifth is nothing to scoff at and the Bears will likely use those picks to address the gaping hole at the linebacker position that Smith left.

Ravens Trade Grade: A

I don’t think the Ravens will be missing those picks anytime soon after they see the impact Smith has on the field, pairing him up with another young linebacker in Patrick Queen. This is exactly what this struggling Ravens defense needed to compete with the likes of the Chiefs and the Bills in the AFC. Smith is also 25 years young and can play at a high level for this Ravens team for years to come, if they can extend him this offseason.

Nyheim Hines: Colts -> Bills

The Colts sent running back Nyheim Hines to Buffalo for a sixth round pick and running back Zack Moss.

Colts Trade Grade: C

This is a pretty irrelevant trade for the Colts. They have Jonathan Taylor already at running back and were able to flip Hines to a contender in exchange for some draft capital before the deadline was over.

Buffalo Bills Trade Grade: A

This is the missing piece the Bills needed to add to their already dynamic offense and it’s a pass-catching running back. The Bills tried to address this position last offseason by signing J.D. McKissic, but the Commanders matched the Bills offer and he ended up staying in Washington. Hines not only catches out of the backfield, but also is a return specialist. The Bills got an overall dangerous weapon that can be deployed in any part of the field for low round pick. Watch out for Hines’ impact to this Buffalo offense.

Calvin Ridley: Falcons -> Jaguars

The Falcons sent wide receiver Calvin Ridley to the Jaguars for a 2023 fifth-round pick and a 2024 second-round pick.

Falcons Trade Grade: C-

Yes, I think the Falcons have a long way to go in order to return to their Matt Ryan MVP days, but I still think Ridley was worth holding on to, especially if the Falcons still plan on bringing in a new quarterback or Desmond Ridder for next season. A trio of throwing options between Drake London, Kyle Pitts, and Calvin Ridley would have helped the development of their franchise quarterback tremendously for next year. Also, I think letting Ridley go for only a fifth-round pick in this coming draft is still on the lower side and I think the Falcons could have gotten more.

Jaguars Trade Grade: A-

This is how a team goes about making sure their franchise quarterback pops off in his third year in the league and it is by getting a talented wide receiver for him to throw to in Ridley. This trade goes beyond the Jaguars improving at the wide receiver position, but also continuing the upward development of Trevor Lawrence. Trading away a fifth-round pick in this coming draft and a second-round pick in 2024 will mean nothing if it means bringing out the best in Lawrence in year three.

New York Giants v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

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