How do you Fix This Team

Take my word with a huge grain of salt, as I advocated for hiring Hackett and trading for Russell Wilson last year. That being said, it's obvious we probably need to move on from both. So what is my solution.

Step 1 - Fire Hackett, since we haven't done it yet, I don't expect this to happen prior to the end of the season anyway, so we likely ride it out until this season comes to a fitting end.

Step 2 - The next HC, I've seen a lot about bringing in Sean Peyton, and trust me, I would be all for that, but reality is the Saints have him under contract and will demand compensation we don't have in draft picks we can spare, maybe you could argue sending away the pick we got for Chubb would do it, but I really think it's going to take more than that. I would argue our next HC needs to be either the following scenarios:

Scenario 1 - Hire Ejiro Evero as HC, with the idea we bring in a well-seasoned OC/former HC as his Number 2, my suggestion would be Frank Reich as the OC/Assistant HC. I get this season the Colts had their issues for sure, but I think he's good at having a solid ground game/ball control offense. I would also bring back Munchak to coach the offensive line.

Scenario 2 - Hire Dan Quinn as HC, hopefully he would be able to convince/keep Evero around as the DC at least for next season or two before he gets a shot at HC gig. Likewise, I would suggest same idea of getting someone like Reich as the OC.

I think Scenario 1 is riskier, but I think would have potential higher upside, Scenario 2 I think is probably the less risky proposition.

Step 2 - Next comes the R. Wilson issue. Bottom line is Wilson was most successful when he had a dominant ground game and tough defense, we have the defense, but lack the ground game. Make it abundantly clear to Wilson that he can either buy into this scheme/idea, ie no more let Russ cook, that he will be a game manager and asked to make some plays but not the focal point. If not, then his days in Denver are going to be as miserable as possible to the point where he rather retire than continue to play for this team.

Step 3 - Now we need to look at the personnel we have on this team, specifically on offense. I would look to trade both Juedy and Hamler this offseason. Neither has shown they can remain healthy, be reliable receivers, or be effective blockers in the run game. I don't see any reason to extend either one or in reality if we go to a more ball control type of offense, neither one is much of an asset. Our receivers are going to have to be able to win 50/50 balls and have to be physical at the point of attack, Sutton and Patrick fit that mold. Any WRs drafted also need to fit this mold, give Wilson sure handed, big body targets that can block.

Next our TE room we have some decent guys, Dulcich looks like he can be a solid target inside, but he is a huge liability in blocking right now, so an emphasis needs to be put on improving that skill set. He doesn't have to be all world, but just like AO, if you can't block, you likely are not going to be playing much.

For our offensive line, at this point it's a try out for everyone involved. I don't think anyone say Meinerz should be safe at this point, I think that shouldn't be a given. Frankly this line has been bad for a while, even our SB year a lot was covered up by the fact Manning was able to quickly deliver the ball and could audible to good plays that were good for the line. Once Manning was gone, this line has been treading water so to speak being mediocre and a revolving door at positions with little consistency within the group. I get saying blow it up and start over isn't a great plan, but until this line can get to a point where they can consistently open holes for the run game and provide good protection consistently in the pass game, then this team will continue to struggle. Most of my mock drafts have us taking offensive lineman early, I wouldn't be sad if we spent the first three picks on the offensive line. Likewise, we are going to have tobe creative in finding FA as well that can play.

Finally let’s look at the RBs. Gordon is gone, who knows how well Williams recovers, so this is a position we definitely will need to find some quality and depth at. As Indy saw, losing a stud like Taylor helped sink their offense. The real question is Williams even coming back fully healthy, can he be that dominant back. While he is a tough and strong runner, he lacks the breakaway speed to be a true home run threat. So this again will need to be an emphasis in the draft. This year's draft has some nice prospects and some that might fit the mold of a back who defenses have to account for.

As anything, the major questions will remain, is Wilson done, when do we look to move on from him. Obviously, we are stuck next year with him as the likely starter. However, in 2024, there are some intriguing prospects that may be available, especially if we struggle again in 2023. Namely, Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jaxson Dart, Quinn Ewers, and JJ McCarthy to name a few. I would say if Wilson continues to struggle into 2023, then by all means bite the bullet and take a QB early in 2024 and either light a fire under Wilson, or simply move on and take the hit.

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