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Tim Patrick is ahead of schedule on knee rehab

We’re live on Twitch to discuss all the Broncos happenings over the Bye Week. The biggest of which was an update on Tim Patrick... from the man himself.

Denver Broncos fans got a bit of good news last week when wide receiver Tim Patrick responded to a tweet from Steven Kriz of Predominantly Orange letting Broncos Country know that he was ahead of schedule on rehabbing his ACL injury.

Ross Allen will be discussing this on MHR Live above, but this is great news considering Patrick was considered as one of the most underrated wide receivers in the NFL heading into this season. The update comes three months to the day after we learned his MRI came back confirming the ACL tear.

This injury requires a long road back, but if he is ahead of schedule now that should hopefully mean he’ll be ahead of schedule six months from now. While the Broncos season hasn’t gone quite as planned, it will be good for Russell Wilson to have all of his weapons in place when the likely new coaching staff takes over in January. That’s the most likely outcome barring some impressive turnaround from Nathaniel Hackett.