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NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

A shock upset, or two, shake up the top of the power rankings as we pass the half way point of the season

Robert Deutsch/USA Today Sports, via Reuters

Well, what a week of football this was. The lack of anxiety due to not having to watch the Broncos this Sunday certainly allowed for a more relaxed viewing experience. A experience that was amplified by a massive slate of early games where we saw Rob Saleh’s defense stop the Bills in their tracks, another Raiders collapse, and apparently the death of Aaron Rodgers.

The Chiefs were able to outlast the Titans in overtime on Sunday night, but that game was not good enough to take the number one spot. It’s the undefeated Eagles that finally take their spot atop of the league, and it was definitely the 2nd half of their Thursday night game that looked good, not the first.

The Broncos may have had their bye, but they still manage to find a way to move up the Power Rankings, courtesy of the Raiders blowing a 17 point lead for a record-tying 3rd time this season. I know we all love watching Josh McDaniels’ downfall, and I think it’s safe to say most of Denver saw this one coming.

Mover of the week: New York Jets (up five spots). It’s no surprise that the J-E-T-S are the ones that saw the biggest bump up the list after they took down the Bills, and held Josh Allen to just 205 passing yards, zero touchdowns, and two interceptions. I think they’ll find their way into the top 5 soon enough.

Week 10 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 9)
Rank Team Previous (Week 9)
1 Eagles +2 Bills
2 Chiefs Chiefs
3 Bills -2 Eagles
4 Ravens Ravens
5 Cowboys Cowboys
6 Vikings +1 49ers
7 Jets +5 Vikings
8 49ers -2 Giants
9 Giants -1 Titans
10 Patriots +1 Chargers
11 Chargers -1 Patriots
12 Seahawks +1 Jets
13 Titans -4 Seahawks
14 Bengals Bengals
15 Dolphins Dolphins
16 Bucs +4 Rams
17 Rams -1 Packers
18 Cardinals Cardinals
19 Packers -2 Saints
20 Browns +1 Bucs
21 Saints -2 Browns
22 Broncos +1 Raiders
23 Raiders -1 Broncos
24 Falcons +1 Colts
25 Steelers +2 Falcons
26 Commanders Commanders
27 Colts -3 Steelers
28 Lions +2 Panthers
29 Jags +2 Bears
30 Panthers -2 Lions
31 Bears -2 Jags
32 Texans Texans