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Why has picking on Russell Wilson become ‘trendy’?

It seems like Wilson can’t catch break no matter what he does...

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Before you dive straight into the comments to leave a scathing comment, hear me out.

I have noticed that it has become the ‘trendy’ thing to do to pick on Russell Wilson for just about anything he does. While Wilson’s poor play on the season does warrant some valid criticism, he seems to be getting intense scrutiny for things outside of how he plays.

They come for how he carries himself, for his press conference quotes, and for how he wears sunglasses to practice.

Very odd to see that coming from a former player. I guess it’s not cool to protect your eyes from the sun? Only when Wilson does it though...

Yes, Wilson can be a bit corny at times, there is no denying that. Perhaps it all started when Wilson coined the phrase “Let’s Ride” before the start of the season. But he continues to be the butt of jokes week in and week out.

Again, I should reiterate, I am not complaining about the criticism of Wilson’s poor play. I’ve been a critic of it. I even made a silly video about Wilson’s workout on the plane to London.

What is getting old fast is the onslaught of jokes for virtually anything he does. Search any social media site and you’ll rarely find anything positive or not joking about him. It really has become ‘trendy’ to just trash this man in any aspect. Wilson went on a trip with his family during the bye week, and an alarming amount of the replies were not exactly positive.

Wilson is a good man, and I feel like it’s getting overshadowed as of late. He regularly makes visits to local hospitals, is very involved in many charities, and is a big family man. Hopefully, in due time, the type of person Wilson is will come more into focus, and he will get the type of respect he got in Seattle.