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2011 Tim Tebow had more success than Russell Wilson has had in 2022 - Let’s overreact

The MHR crew determines if the following statements are overreactions or not, including some Tebow talk.

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The most recent Denver loss has them, and us as fans, at a new low on the season, which really is saying something. There’s been offensive and defensive regression, especially when it comes to the pass rush.

The injury to Randy Gregory, combined with the trade of Bradley Chubb have the young pass rush corp on the ropes and having to do more than they might be ready for. But it’s also tough when the defense constantly has to play close to perfect just to have a chance to win the game.

Join some of the MHR crew as they react to the following statements and determine of they are overreactions, or if there is truth to them. Drop your thoughts in the comments!

Bradley Chubb was the sole reason why this pass rush unit was good

Tim Lynch: No, Randy Gregory was the bigger factor. I’d say the bigger problem with Chubb being gone is the difficulties setting the edge in the run game.

Nick Burch: Overreaction. Gregory was actually better, the defense is just getting worn down by the weight of what has been put on them.

Adam Malnati: As has been said, the issue is that both Gregory and Chubb are gone. Playing with all backups makes a difference. Just ask the offensive line.

Patrick Surtain can no longer be called one of the best CBs in the league

Overreaction. Even great cornerbacks have bad games. Dude is in year two and is elite. He is not the reason this team is losing.

Overreaction. Like the rest of the D, he is getting worn down from carrying so much. He’s awarded a couple of off games. If the offense could generate more than 4-play series at any kind of frequency, he’d be fresher. He’s definitely out of DPOY candidacy, though, fair or not

Adam Malnati: Overreaction. Expecting perfection is unrealistic. He has had a couple plays in the last two weeks that looked bad, but he’s still a top CB in the league. The TD he gave up against the Raiders looked as much like a miscommunication between him and Kareem Jackson. He got burned against the Panthers, but that doesn’t take his name off the list.

The Broncos would be better off with Tim Tebow as their quarterback right now

Tim Lynch: Correct. If you are talking 2011 Tim Tebow anyway. This offense is one of the worst since 2000. Even Tim Tebow’s offense scored more points. Oh and Facebook reminded me that 11 years ago today Tebow led a comeback win over the Chargers. Winning is nice.

Nick Burch: Tim Tebow could produce touchdowns and improvise when needed. Wilson is going to stick to the script no matter what. I’m not going to say injuries aren’t killing the offense, but this is against 3-win teams. Not the Chiefs.

Adam Malnati: Nope. No one is going to be successful as the Broncos QB save for a Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen. And they would struggle, too. However, if you are talking about motivation, Tebow was a motivator.