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Broncos Country is reduced to pointless arguments

Perennially losing has given us all nothing but garbage to talk about

In this awful world of Denver Broncos football we find ourselves arguing about all kinds of ridiculous things.

In a season where the expectation was a deep playoff run, we are now focused on how many people showed up to Russell Wilson’s birthday party. Or we are focused on whether or not Denver should just fire the guy that is going to get fired at the end of the season anyway. Mike Purcell yelled at Russ, and now we have to talk about it.

But not wins.

We don’t get to discuss wins. So we continue to be bitter, and banter about things that don’t actually matter.

As I told Ian on Odds and Endzones, some of us are fed up with the positive, happy go lucky attitude of the QB that has failed to make the promised impact. I know it’s a stupid, irrational emotion to have. We have to stop judging everything that Wilson does, but as a fan, the frustration is boiling over.

Strangely, the boiling over is actually causing the opposite of emotional outbursts like Purcell’s. Many fans are drifting into apathy. We are struggling to find a reason to be excited. We “know” the outcome of the game long before it ends.

As we have said multiple times on the podcast, hammer the under. Denver is an embarrassingly low scoring team. They needed 4 minutes, and multiple plays, including penalties, to get the ball in the end zone against the Panthers.

What, I ask, is there to be excited about? The defense? I’m tired of being excited about the defense. I was points. We are starved for points. We got a taste of relevancy with the arrival of Russ. That taste has turned sour.

Even the NFL is done with Denver. The Broncos Week 14 game against the Chiefs has been flexed out of primetime. You know it’s bad when the likely league MVP is flexed out of primetime. Usually, the networks salivate at the chance to showcase Patrick Mahomes. Not if it means putting us through the feckless Broncos offense.

From this point forward, all we can really do is wait for the news of Nathaniel Hackett being fired. Until that happens, excitement in Broncos Country will be tepid at best.