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Broncos vs. Chiefs score predictions for Week 14

The Mile High Report staff is predicting a blowout home loss to the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend. Here’s our score predictions for the game.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs are the same in that they both have a 9 and a 3 in their record. Denver is 3-9 and the Kansas City 9-3. There lies the only similarity. One franchise is now used to winning and the other used to losing, so it is no surprise that our Mile High Report staff is predicting a Chiefs beatdown on Sunday.

Collectively, we’re predicting a 30-6 Chiefs drubbing of the Broncos. I was surprised by the level of disrespect we’re showing the Broncos’ defense here. They have shown up in nearly every game and have been the only consistent force on this team. As for the offensive predictions, well I think we all can see we have enough data here to reasonable assume they may or may not score a touchdown. If they do score a touchdown it’ll likely be one and that’s about it.

Here’s how we predict the Broncos-Chiefs score individually:

Chiefs 16, Broncos 6

If there is one constant on both sides of the Broncos’ ball is that the defense shows up every week and the offense embarrasses itself. I see no reason to predict differently against an AFC contender like the Chiefs here. Although, I do miss predicting Broncos wins every week. - Tim Lynch

Chiefs 28, Broncos 3

There were 5 total scores in the Broncos 10-9 loss to the Ravens in Week 13. There will be 5 scores in the Broncos 28-3 loss to the Chiefs in Week 14. Needless to say, Chiefs 28 - Broncos 3. - Adam Malnati

Chiefs 35, Broncos 6

This team is going to be exposed. It is that simple. Our roster is full of holes due to vast amounts of injured starters and Kansas City is going to show us just how bad it really is. I wouldn’t be surprised if KC posts a 50-burger on us, honestly. This season can’t get over soon enough. - Sadaraine

Chiefs 38, Broncos 10

An offensive TD isn’t super unreasonable, just unlikely. Luckily the KC defense has a couple holes that the Broncos might be able to exploit just once. Travis Kelce will probably end up with 100+ receiving yards and 2+ touchdowns and Clyde Edwards-Helaire will probably have a career game on Sunday. - Ross Allen

Chiefs 34, Broncos 6

The Chiefs have an outstanding offense and will be playing ticked off after losing to the Bengals. The Broncos have one of the league’s most historically bad offenses and will be playing with a “let’s just get this over with” attitude. But fret not, we’ll still have our quotes about “accountability” and what not - Nick Burch

Chiefs 30, Broncos 0

I’ll be watching the World Cup to give me joy and watching this game to remind me that life sucks. - Mike DeCicco

Chiefs 27, Broncos 13

Mahomes and Co. are on the heels of a tough loss to their new rival in Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. The No. 1 seed is still within reach for the Chiefs. The Broncos defense still cannot cover Travis Kelce. And Chris Jones could be triple-teamed by the interior of Denver’s offensive line and he’d still wreck this dumpster fire of an offense. Oh, and the Swedish Chef of head coaches is still doing whatever he does on the Broncos’ sideline. At least Andy Reid will eat. - Ian St. Clair

What is your score prediction for the Broncos-Chiefs game? Let us know in the comments section below.