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NFL Power Rankings: Week 15

The Eagles become the first team to clinch a playoff spot and the top of the AFC gets shaken up.

Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

We are now just four games away from the end of the regular season. I know as Broncos fans we’re eagerly awaiting the last of those four games, but there are a couple of teams that desperately need these games to make a last-ditch effort for the postseason.

One of these teams is the Detroit Lions, who might have made the biggest statement of the week. Dan Campbell has completely changed the organization’s culture in just the span of a couple of years. And now the Lions have come back from the dead, won six straight, have a 20% chance of making the playoffs, and technically can still win the division. Their win over the Vikings was HUGE.

We also witnessed the 49ers dominate the Bucs (to the chagrin of the Broncos’ first-round draft spot) and once again manage to prove that Denver skipping on Kyle Shanahan would come back to haunt them. Just look at how good the Niners are doing with a third-string, rookie quarterback. And they have a run game that would make any team jealous.

The Broncos played in one of the most surprising games of the week, and it was easily the most entertaining one they’ve played all year. They scored a touchdown on three straight drives, and even put up points in the third quarter - something thought to be impossible until last Sunday. And out of everything, the most surprising, yet expected, thing they did was notch yet another one-score loss. Nothing changes.

Mover of the Week: Jacksonville Jaguars (up four spots). It seems like the Peyton Manning comparisons for Trevor Lawrence are coming to fruition, and the Jags knock off one of the best teams in the AFC. Lawrence is balling right now, and the Jags might be legit. Just makes me more confused about what the heck happened in London.

Ballsey Play of the Week: Detroit Lions (pass to Penei Sewell). As a former offensive lineman, I have to talk about Dan Campbell rolling the dice and lining up their 335-pound tackle at WR, sending him on a motion, and throwing him the ball as he picks up a first down that effectively ends the game. Art.

Week 15 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 14)
Rank Team Previous (Week 14)
1 Eagles Eagles
2 Bills +2 Chiefs
3 Chiefs -1 Cowboys
4 49ers +1 Bills
5 Cowboys -2 49ers
6 Bengals +1 Vikings
7 Vikings -1 Bengals
8 Ravens +2 Jets
9 Dolphins Dolphins
10 Jets -2 Ravens
11 Titans Titans
12 Seahawks Seahawks
13 Patriots Patriots
14 Lions +3 Giants
15 Chargers +4 Commanders
16 Giants -2 Bucs
17 Commanders -2 Lions
18 Packers Packers
19 Bucs -3 Chargers
20 Steelers Steelers
21 Cardinals Cardinals
22 Rams +2 Browns
23 Browns -1 Raiders
24 Raiders -1 Rams
25 Jags +4 Saints
26 Panthers +1 Colts
27 Saints -2 Panthers
28 Colts -2 Falcons
29 Falcons -1 Jags
30 Broncos +1 Bears
31 Bears -1 Broncos
32 Texans Texans