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Broncos should sit quarterback Russell Wilson for the rest of the year

The season is over, he’s hurt, it is time to sit him and move on to the offseason.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson suffered a fairly scary concussion during the Broncos' loss to the Kansas City Chiefs this past Sunday. He suffered this concussion when landing head/face first at the end of a scramble where it appeared he was potentially knocked out and at the very least, dazed. He could barely stand up on his own and also had a noticeable bump on the side of his head, so it was a fairly serious-looking concussion.

He is in the concussion protocol currently and with the Broncos' playoff hopes officially ended, there is no real reason to rush him back on the field. I think the Broncos should sit Wilson for the rest of the year and allow him to heal up properly, and focus on fixing this mess this offseason.

As we know, Wilson has already dealt and is still currently dealing with shoulder and hamstring injuries this season, and now a scary-looking concussion. It has been a tough season for the Broncos and Wilson, but it is time to shut down the NFL’s most-sacked quarterback.

His play style alone makes him more vulnerable to hits and more injuries, but the current state of the offensive line is an issue as well. You have backups at every position except right guard right now, and we saw those struggles show up at times vs. Kansas City as well. Also, what is the point of rushing him back or getting him back for the final few games in this lost season? The season is lost, and the games are fairly meaningless with a likely lame-duck Head Coach running the show. Just sit Wilson and start Brett Rypien for the final three or four games this season.

The Broncos need to get Wilson healthy and begin working on fixing Wilson and getting him back to or close to his former self. He showed flashes of that in this game and potentially could have led the Broncos to the shocking upset if he stayed in the game. Unfortunately, we were unable to see that potentially happen, but the flashes of his old self and some explosive plays were exciting to see.

We shall see if this becomes a reality moving forward, but it should at least be considered by the Broncos' top decision-makers. Protect Russ from himself and just finish up this nightmare of a season, get people healthy, and work on fixing this thing.


Do you think the Broncos should sit Russell Wilson for the rest of the season?

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