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104.3 The Fan’s Orlando Franklin says that Netane Muti picked the Raiders over the Broncos

An interesting rumor here about why Muti landed with the Raiders.

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

It came out yesterday that the Denver Broncos’ hated AFC West rival Las Vegas Raiders went ahead and signed former sixth-round pick, guard Netane Muti, off the Broncos practice squad. It seemed like an odd move at the time that the Broncos would just let Muti go to their rivals in the west, especially after playing well just last Sunday vs. the Chiefs.

Well, we have some rumors/updates on the situation that bring some potential clarity to the situation.

Former Broncos offensive lineman and current member of 104.3 The Fan’s radio team Orlando Franklin has heard that Muti chose the Raiders over the Broncos.

Franklin was told the Broncos were alerted of the Raiders' attempt to sign Muti off their practice squad, which is the rules, and tried blocking the move and signing him to their 53-man roster instead. However, Muti apparently preferred joining the Raiders roster instead of the Broncos.

If true, can you really blame Muti? I hate to agree with The Fan’s Darren McKee, but I have to in this situation. The Broncos played rookie Luke Wattenberg over him at the beginning of this game despite his struggles in the past. We also saw tackle Quinn Bailey get some run at left guard instead of Muti as well. So, it is clear Muti is behind in the pecking order and likely does not have a future with the Broncos moving forward. So, I don’t blame him for jumping off this burning ship and joining another roster that potentially gives him a better shot at playing time moving forward.

So, again, if true, this does remove some blame from the Broncos after many questioned why they let a player at a thin position move on to your division rivals. However, it is never a good sign when a player decides they would rather leave your team, for whatever reason, and decide to join your hated division rivals.

In the end, this could amount to a nothing burger if Muti doesn’t amount to anything in Vegas, but if he does, this could come back and sting the Broncos in the future. Time will tell there, but we at least have some clarity on this situation(potentially) that left some fans confused yesterday.