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Could Broncos loss to Chiefs be the high-water mark for the 2022 season?

What does it mean when a loss is more interesting than any of the wins?

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

In a season with just 3 wins, it’s hard to believe that the highlight of the 2022 season could be the 28-34 loss Denver endured at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs. Let’s be honest, none of the wins were anything to get excited about.

The 16-9 win over the Texans was fine, but it was far from a display of dominance. Especially now that we know just how bad the Texans are. The 11-10 victory at home against the San Francisco 49ers was the most solid win, but it was a really hard game to watch. I will agree that winning in London was nice. The 21-17 score had to signal an offense getting on track, right?

Since their victory in London, the Denver Broncos have averaged 11.25 points per game. Imagine Broncos Country’s surprise when the Chiefs blazed out to a 27-0 lead in the second half. More of the same, right? The league was right to flex Denver out of prime time.

Then it happened.

3 touchdowns in a 5-minute span of game time?! The Broncos scored a touchdown in the 3rd quarter? For longer than the brief moments Broncos Country believed that Brandon McManus’ prayer kicks were good, there was a belief that the Broncos could give Kansas City as run for their money on Sunday. Actual minutes of engaged hope.

For the first time all season, the Broncos looked competent. They looked like they might actually do something. They were fun to watch. Sure, it all came to a crashing end, but for those few minutes Broncos football was fun again.

That may have been it, though. That brief flurry of touchdowns at the end of the 2nd quarter and start of the 3rd could be as good as it gets this year. What does it mean when your teams best game of the season is a loss that comes in December?

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