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Report: Broncos place Dre’Mont Jones on the injured reserve

The Broncos have a league-high 19 players currently on the injured reserve.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

According to ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter, the Denver Broncos placed defensive lineman Dre’Mont Jones on the injured reserve due to a hip injury he suffered against the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday. With only four weeks left in the season, this move will end his season.

Jones will be a free agent at the end of the season and should be a priority for the Broncos this offseason. I think he’s either getting an extension or getting franchise tagged at least before receiving an extension later down the road. They cannot afford to let Jones hit free agency and land elsewhere.

Also, as Schefter notes, this is the 19th player from the Broncos' roster that has been placed on the injured reserve which ranks first in the NFL. They have placed a total of 25 players on the injured reserve this season, which is also a league-high. Yes, injuries are part of the game, but they have been happening at a high rate for a few years now which should make you question the Broncos' strength and conditioning team. However, some in the media will not have that because of local ties and/or for a lack of a better word, kiss-assing, and would rather avoid placing any sort of criticism on that team. Hopefully, the new Broncos owners decide to make a change this offseason and get some higher-quality trainers for this team.

With Dre’Mont Jones now out for the season, I think we will see the Broncos player rookies Eyioma Uwazurike and Matt Henningsen more down the stretch. This playing time should be valuable for the two rookies and hopefully leads to some successful play from the two. Henningsen has flashed a few times this season and Uwazurike has a blend of size and athleticism which is intriguing.

At the end of the day, this will be a big loss for the Broncos' defense, but they have continued playing well despite all these losses. So, hopefully, we see them continue their high-level of play against the Cardinals.