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NFL Power Rankings : Week 16

The Cowboys continue to slide, the Bengals move up, and more following a wild week of football.

Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Wow. What a week that was. For the first time in the more than 100 year history of the NFL, three teams had comeback wins of 17+ points, one of them being an NFL record 33 point deficit. There is a reason why the Colts dropped as many spots as they did. That was just plain embarrassing.

Don’t look now, but there's a chance that both the Jags and the Lions end up making the playoffs this year on the back of their recent success. Jacksonville was one of the teams that pulled off a 17+ point comeback, capping it with a tipped ball pick-six in OT to take down the Cowboys (a result which made most of America happy). And the real America’s Team went into New York, beat the Jets, and now Dan Campbell’s crew has a 41% chance of making it to the postseason.

Man, it hurts watching the perfect culture change happen in real time and knowing the Broncos could’ve had someone like Campbell or Kyle Shanahan.

But speaking about the Broncos, let’s talk about them actually getting a win and moving back up into the 20’s. For the first time since September, Denver won a game in the United States, and they did it without their starting quarterback. But it wasn’t necessarily the Rypien show that got it done, but it was the Murray Train that kept rolling. His signing is clearly one of the best things to happen to this team all year. I can’t wait to resign him to back up Javonte Williams next season. And maybe even keep Marlon Mack as a third down back.

Mover of the Week: Jacksonville Jaguars (up four spots)

Winner of the Week: Zay Jones fantasy owners (34 points?!?)

Loser of the Week: Bill Belichick (0-2 against Josh McDaniels)

Show Me The Money of the Week: J.J. Watt ($900,000 earned in incentives in less that 30 minutes)

Week 16 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 15)
Rank Team Previous (Week 15)
1 Eagles Eagles
2 Bills Bills
3 Chiefs Chiefs
4 49ers 49ers
5 Bengals +1 Cowboys
6 Cowboys -1 Bengals
7 Vikings Vikings
8 Dolphins +1 Ravens
9 Ravens -1 Dolphins
10 Jets Jets
11 Lions +3 Titans
12 Titans -1 Seahawks
13 Seahawks -1 Patriots
14 Chargers +1 Lions
15 Patriots -2 Chargers
16 Giants Giants
17 Packers +1 Commanders
18 Commanders -1 Packers
19 Steelers +1 Bucs
20 Bucs -1 Steelers
21 Jags +4 Cardinals
22 Rams Rams
23 Browns Browns
24 Raiders Raiders
25 Cardinals -4 Jags
26 Saints +1 Panthers
27 Panthers -1 Saints
28 Broncos +2 Colts
29 Falcons Falcons
30 Bears +1 Broncos
31 Colts -3 Bears
32 Texans Texans