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The best Broncos signing of the year

Via Instagram polls, we hear your thoughts on whether or not these statements are overreactions,

Credit: Michael Owens/Getty Images

Welcome to this week’s edition of Broncos Country Overreacts. This time we’re coming off of a win (can you believe it?) over the Arizona Cardinals, and a game where the Denver Broncos put up 24+ points for the 2nd time in two weeks. Now typically we wouldn’t be celebrating this kind of thing, but you got to do what you got to do during seasons like this one.

It’s time to go through this week’s overreaction statements and take a look at your poll results that determine if the statement was indeed an overreaction, or if there is some truth to it. Make sure to follow us on Instagram so your voice can be heard in these polls. And I know I definitely don’t need to tell you this, but please feel free to give your thoughts in the comments below!

Latavius Murray has been the best signing the Broncos have made all year, offseason or during the season

The Broncos have been making some moves this year, both before the season started and during. One of the most impactful signings the team has made this year is bringing in Latavius Murray in off the Saints’ practice squad after Javonte Williams went on the IR with his season-ending knee injury. Since then, he has played in nine games, started four of them, and has put up 5 touchdowns and has rushed for over four yards per carry.

This hasn’t been game changing numbers, at least not until the Cardinals game, but he’s been consistent, and hasn’t fumbled the ball nearly as much as the guy he took over as the starter for.

Poll results: Not an overreaction (66% of the votes)

Klint Kubiak is the only reason for the Broncos’ recent offensive success

Ever since quarterback coach Klint Kubiak was named play caller, the Broncos have seen an increase in offensive productivity, and it’s been most visible over the last two games. Before Kubiak took the reigns, the Broncos averaged 14.5 points per game. Good enough for last place in the league. Since he has taken over, they’ve averaged 17.4 points. While that’s not great by any means, it’s a clear improvement. And the last two games they’ve looked like a team that actually knows what it means to have an offense. But is he the only reason for this success?

Poll results: Not an overreaction (60% of the votes)

The best thing Denver has done all year is move Jeudy from the inside to outside

Jerry Jeudy has been on another level this season compared to his previous two, and there’s a strong sense of optimism that he might be taking the step forward that fans were waiting for, and turn into the 1st round star we thought he could be. A big factor in this has been the Broncos playing him on the outside a lot more than usual this season. Whether it’s from necessity due to injuries or if it’s because Denver coaches have finally come to their senses, it doesn’t matter; Jeudy has looked different. Especially in the last three games where he’s averaged 6.3 receptions and 71 yards per game, and has found his way into the endzone three times.

Poll results: Not an overreaction (85% of the votes)