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The Broncos look to gift us a Christmas miracle

In a season of bah humbug we could all use a little football joy.

Well, the weather outside is frightful Broncos Country. The Denver Broncos are preparing to play the Los Angeles Rams on Christmas day, but the weather will be fine for them because the game is in LA.

Still, we could be in for a lump of coal. As Ian St. Clair mentioned on Odds and Endzones, it kind of feels like we have been put on the naughty list this year. When the schedulers decided to make this a featured Christmas game they had no idea that both the Rams and Broncos would be playing the roll of Krampus for their fans.

Perhaps the saving grace for us is that the game is not during prime time. Instead it falls somewhere between opening presents and preparing dinner. The kids will be playing with toys. Dads around the country will be ignoring instructions and searching for batteries. Moms will be checking receipts and planning returns.

Most of us will have one eye on the game, but it will be hard to give the game complete attention. Still, we can all hope for a Christmas miracle.

The last time we saw a healthy Russell Wilson he was having his best performance of the season. The offense looks to be figuring things out. The defense is still solid, and Baker Mayfield still isn’t the answer for the Rams.

I won’t be overly confident about the Broncos chances. They are still the road team, and the offense is still less than stellar. While the Broncos have played 2 games in a row hitting the over, I am still hammering the under.

What I do expect is a little Christmas cheer. I’ll be sipping egg nog spiked with bourbon, enjoying time with the family, and keeping an eye on the TV. It should be holly and jolly as we sit down to dinner.

I doubt we will be treated to an offensive back and forth reminiscent of Broncos at Rams on September 4th, 2000. However, the ghost of Christmas past could remind us of the first time Denver played on December 25th. A 17-7 win on the road in Detroit. The city might be different, but the result should be similar.

Enjoy your holiday season Broncos Country.