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2 winners, 9 losers in the Broncos humiliating 51-14 loss to the Rams

This is undoubtedly one of the most embarrassing and humiliating losses in Broncos’ history. Merry Christmas.

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos continue to find ways to embarrass and humiliate themselves.

This time they decided to do it on Christmas in a 51-14 curb-stomping by the Los Angeles Rams. This latest loss came to a 4-10 Rams with a backup quarterback playing his third game for the franchise.

This is undoubtedly one of the most embarrassing and humiliating losses in the Broncos’ history.

Per the usual, I’m bound to forget someone, leave them off or put them in the wrong category, so please mention them in the comments.


Jerry Jeudy

One of the few members on Denver’s roster who didn’t quit. And Jeudy continues to show he’s a No. 1 receiver. The Broncos wide out finished with six catches for 117 yards.

Seattle Seahawks

In a week that the Houston Texans won, one can just picture the size of the smiles on the faces of Pete Carroll and John Schneider on this Christmas night. There’s an outside chance the Seahawks could get the No. 1 pick.


Nathaniel (will never) Hackett

Is this finally the week Hackett is fired? The new ownership group has to start holding people accountable and sending the message that this will not be tolerated. And as Andrew Mason points out, there’s no reason to wait. Teams can now interview candidates currently working with other teams in the final two weeks of the regular season.

George Paton

The architect of this disaster cannot escape culpability or responsibility. If Paton is safe, as some reports indicate, that’s not an honest evaluation of your franchise. It’s also a disservice to the franchise if you’re already marking people safe. Keep an open mind at the very least. This is a losing franchise and everything should be on the table. Tough decisions need to be made; already saying Paton is safe is cheap and hollow.

Russell Wilson

Mr. Unlimited Interceptions, credit to LindseyOK on Twitter for that. In a word, yikes. At least Wilson was in the giving spirit of Christmas ... it was just for the wrong team.

Brett Rypien

We can end the talk of what Rypien could do in this offense when given a chance. He’ll throw a pick-six. Let it Ryp, baby.

Randy Gregory

If ever there was a face of this franchise right now and how far it’s fallen, it’s Gregory. Commits a stupid penalty and then starts a fight after the game.

The Broncos defense

This unit just got gashed by Baker Mayfield and Cam Akers. Yes, the turnovers didn’t help, but a blindfolded Akers could have run through the holes the Rams were opening up for him on this defense.

The Broncos offensive line

In a word, trash. And that’s an insult to trash.

The Broncos offense

See above.

The Broncos

This franchise is a heaping pile of dog shit. It’s an embarrassment. It’s an embarrassment to what this franchise used to represent. It’s an embarrassment to the players, coaches, front-office people and employees who represented this organization. It’s an embarrassment to the NFL. It’s an embarrassment to the fans. If there was any justice, this team would get relegated to the old XFL. The new ownership group needs to take a serious look at where this pathetic monstrosity stands and if anyone is worthy of sticking around.