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Should the Broncos hire a veteran or newbie as head coach?

Their track record with first-time HCs is ... not great.

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

There have been 33 “new head coaches” hired over the past five seasons. Ten were veteran (retread) NFL head coaches and 23 were first-timers (virgins).

The last time the Broncos hired a retread was the hiring of Gary Kubiak after John Fox was fired. Fox was hired to stabilize a once-proud franchise that had been brought down by the actions of a disgraced newbie (he who shall not be named).

Currently, the Broncos sit in a very similar situation. In fact, the evil one was also fired after embarrassing the franchise nationally in a similar manner to what happened yesterday on Christmas Day.

That season in which the Broncos fired McDaniels, the team finished 4-12, which was the most losses ever for a Broncos team. I expect that to be tied this year, if not exceeded.

One compounding fact is that Nathaniel Hackett had zero head coaching experience at any level. Most similar coaches have failed in the NFL - Steve Spurrier, Chip Kelly, Tim Tomsula, Kliff Kingsbury, Urban Meyer and Matt Rhule. Mike Tomlin is the one success among first-time head coaches with no college HC experience.

I honestly don’t mind if we have our fourth straight virgin NFL HC, but I want the guy to have some serious experience as a college head coach. The success rate of guys with zero HC experience at any level is terrible.

I did not count guys with Associate/Assistant HC experience like Brandon Staley or David Culley in the list above. Feel free to consider them and others who had AHC experience if you wish.