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NFL Power Rankings: Week 17

A shuffle in the top five, and two playoff-caliber teams get a boost up the rankings

Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

We are now just two weeks away from the playoffs, and the top of the power rankings are getting serious. It seems like the AFC is on its way to its 21st Super Bowl win with the way things have been playing out the last couple weeks.

The Philadelphia Eagles take an “L” with a back up quarterback, but they’re still in the driver seat for the No. 1 seed. It looks like they’ll be the clear favorite to take home a conference championship for the first time since 2018, but watch out for the Packers. Don’t let Aaron Rodgers get hot at this time of the year because he might mess around and lose to the 49ers in the Divisional Round.

You might not believe it, but the Jacksonville Jaguars are just a win away from clinching a division title. But winning the AFC South is like finding a dollar on the ground. It’s a cool thing to have, but you’re not really going to brag about it to anyone. Trevor Lawrence has been on a roll over the last quarter of the season and is bringing feelings of pride to all of those that made those Peyton Manning comparisons.

Well, well, well, would you look at that? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that a 51-14 butt whooping of holly, jolly proportions would kick the Broncos almost to the bottom of the league. This game just flat-out sucked to watch. To quote their now ex-head coach, it was a, “bad, embarrassing game,” but on the bright side the new owners finally have had enough and decided to can the man.

At least they waited until after the holidays.

Mover of the Week: Los Angeles Chargers (up four spots). The Chargers clinch their first playoff appearance since 2018 on Monday Night Football, and Austin Ekeler makes fantasy managers around the world very happy.

Coal for Christmas: Nathaniel Hackett (5th coach ever to be fired before the end of their first season)

The Guy That Won’t Win MVP But Should: Justin Jefferson (he’s really good at football)

Tank Job of the Week: The Seattle Seahawks (courtesy of the Denver Broncos)

Baby Its Cold Outside: 6 degrees in Cleveland (coldest kickoff temperature in franchise history)

Week 17 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 16)
Rank Team Previous (Week 16)
1 Bills +1 Eagles
2 Chiefs +1 Bills
3 Eagles -2 Chiefs
4 49ers 49ers
5 Bengals Bengals
6 Cowboys Cowboys
7 Vikings Vikings
8 Ravens +1 Dolphins
9 Dolphins -1 Ravens
10 Chargers +4 Jets
11 Jets -1 Lions
12 Lions -1 Titans
13 Titans -1 Seahawks
14 Seahawks -1 Chargers
15 Packers +2 Patriots
16 Patriots -1 Giants
17 Giants -1 Packers
18 Jags +3 Commanders
19 Commanders -1 Steelers
20 Steelers-1 Bucs
21 Bucs-1 Jags
22 Rams Rams
23 Panthers +4 Browns
24 Saints +2 Raiders
25 Browns -2 Cardinals
26 Raiders -2 Saints
27 Cardinals -2 Panthers
28 Falcons +1 Broncos
29 Bears +1 Falcons
30 Texans +2 Bears
31 Broncos -3 Colts
32 Colts -1 Texans