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Broncos should go after Jim Harbaugh, and it sounds like they will

My gut is telling me that the Broncos are going after a big fish.

Big Ten Championship - Purdue v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

After listening to the new Denver Broncos owner and CEO Greg Penner speak about the upcoming coaching search, I feel like they are swinging big here. They want a culture-changing coach, someone who will command that locker room, oversee all three phases of the game, and get this team going in the right direction fast. Well, when looking over the names of potential candidates for the Broncos job, one name that really sticks out that checks all these boxes and more is Michigan Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh.

Now, it seems unlikely that he will leave his dream job at Michigan where he is paid well and a National Championship contender year in and year out, but never say never. It sounds like the Broncos will at least make a call to Harbaugh to see if he is interested in the vacant Broncos head coaching job.

Benjamin Allbright, who is connected as they come within the Broncos media and is someone who is in the building every day believes they will inquire about Harbaugh as well.

Allbright is not alone on this either. Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer also touched on the idea that Harbaugh could leave Michigan for the Denver Broncos.

“It’s worth mentioning that last week, before the mess of the past couple of days, I heard Jim Harbaugh’s name connected to Denver for the first time. And the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. His record was exemplary in San Francisco (44-19-1), with internal strife, not losses, leading to his exit. There, he helped resuscitate the career of Alex Smith and launch the career of Colin Kaepernick. Everywhere he’s gone, he’s won. He has a relationship with John Elway—from his time as a player and Stanford coach. And he would most certainly stand up to Wilson, whom he coached against in the NFC West.”

Again, it is more likely than not that he stays in Michigan. Teams have tried in the past to lure Harbaugh away from his dream job, but have failed. So, it will not be an easy task, but the Broncos have the resources to make Harbaugh seriously consider their offer.

The Broncos ownership has the money to instantly make Harbaugh the highest, or at least one of the highest-paid coaches in the NFL. After what happened in San Francisco, many assume that he has some “unfinished business” in the NFL, so a high-paying contract could be something to lure him back in the NFL.

Harbaugh has the moxy to change the culture of this team immediately. He will be able to stand up to any of the personalities on this team and put together a staff and scheme that will get the Broncos back to winning football games. He could also help quarterback Russell Wilson return to his previous form, or at least something close to it. I refuse to believe Wilson declined that quickly. He may not be as good as we hoped, but I don’t think he is as bad as he looked either. I think Harbaugh can get him back going again.

Also, while in San Francisco, current Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero worked for him during all four years of his tenure with the team. So, if he were to be hired, it seems likely that he would want to keep Evero at the defensive coordinator position.

Again, all hypothetically speaking here, but it all makes sense.

Penner wants the Broncos to be good, and get there fast. They have the money to be aggressive and go after a big fish in the coaching ranks and getting Harbaugh would be one giant first move for this ownership group.

They just need him to pick up the phone call. Will it happen? We shall see, but it sounds like the Broncos will at least try. Outside of trading away more assets for Sean Payton, this is the biggest and most needle-moving move the Broncos can make.