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The front office structure provides mostly questions for the Broncos

Should Broncos Country have faith in Greg Penner as he takes on control of the team?

As the Denver Broncos get ready to take on the Kansas City Chiefs, there will be a new head coach on the sidelines. Nathaniel Hackett was finally given his walking papers and Jerry Rosburg has been given the task of guiding the team for the rest of the season.

With a new head coach, and several other coaching changes, the Broncos have a second opportunity at upsetting the Chiefs. While the game is the thing right in front of everyone, there are a lot of questions swirling around the franchise.

Ian and I talked about the future of the team with Holden Kushner of the Denver City Cast on the BetRivers Network, and on Broncos Odds and Endzones.

Something interesting stood out to me as we discussed coaches and GMs, and the new ownership group. Holden does not believe that Greg Penner knows what he is doing. He’s probably right.

I know a lot was made about the press conference with Penner and Broncos GM George Paton. It was the first real glimpse into the future relationship between Penner and the team. Most of us were focused on the apology aspect of the press conference. Frankly, the fans are owed an apology because of the abysmal showing this season.

But putting the apology aside, there must be some concern about how much Penner and the rest of the ownership group knows about running a football team. It appears as if Penner wants to take on a much more involved role with the team. Paton isn’t losing his job, but it was pretty clear that his position is tenuous at best.

How will this new hands on owner impact the way the team is run? Will Penner be like Dan Snyder and destroy the team by meddling? Will he be Jerry Jones, seemingly out to prove how great he is without any true results? Maybe he will have the Bob Kraft luck. His hands on approach was a little different, but the endings were pretty happy for a long time.

We would all like to believe in this new ownership group. We all hope that the Broncos will find success with Penner at the head of the team. We hope and we hope, but reality could be less than desirable.

The first inkling of whether or not the new ownership structure will be successful will be the coaching search. Whoever they bring in, it better work, or this dark cloud will continue to linger at Dove Valley.