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Broncos vs. Ravens score predictions for Week 13

The Mile High Report staff is predicting more of the same for the Denver Broncos on the road against the Baltimore Ravens. Here’s our score predictions for the game.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos will face a legit playoff contender in the AFC North as they travel east to take on the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Coming off a beatdown by the Carolina Panthers, expectations of this team has never been lower than it is now.

Collectively, we predict more of the same from these Broncos in a 23-10 loss to the Ravens this week. Individually, there was a lot of snark and zero win-predictions. Maybe this will bode well for Denver. When all of us are down on this team, they sometimes win. Why not this week?

Ravens 17, Broncos 13

These 2022 Broncos finally broke me. My streak of win predictions comes to an end in Week 13. I don’t think Denver gets blown out, but I do think they go back to those frustrating and annoying one-score defeats that we’ve all come to know and hate. Let’s ride. - Tim Lynch

Ravens 27, Broncos 9

There’s not a lot to say at this point. This team is just really bad. Nathaniel Hackett is coaching like a pre-Waterboy coach Kline, Russell Wilson is apparently going through some existential crisis, the defense is wearing down, and the injuries continue to mount. The distances of McManus’s three field goals may eclipse the total offensive yards his team puts up. - Nick Burch

Ravens 24, Broncos 9

The Ravens allowed the Panthers to score 3 points against them on November 20th. That same Panthers team scored 23 against the fatigue-and-injury plagued Bronco defense that couldn’t stop the run last week and generated almost no pressure on Sam Darnold. This Ravens defense is not great, but they are good enough to hold the pathetic Bronco offense to 9 points while the Raven’s offense racks up 250 rushing yards on our defense and scores 24. - Joe Mahoney

Ravens 23, Broncos 9

Even good Broncos teams struggle in Baltimore. Now Denver faces a team that lost to the Jaguars? It would not surprise me if Jackson and the Ravens rush for over 300 yards on Sunday. And since losing is now acceptable for the Broncos’ organization, we’ll once again hear how everyone is accountable and it starts with Hackett. - Ian St. Clair

Ravens 24, Broncos 10

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense aren’t functioning as well as they were early in the season, but it’s still a much, much higher level than the Broncos offense. Their defense gives up a lot of yards through the air - if only Denver had somebody who could take advantage of that, we might have a shot. - Chad Workman

Ravens more, Broncos less

Second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse. - Adam Malnati

Ravens >18, Broncos <18

This offense is lost. The coach is clueless. Our QB couldn’t find a TD pass with busted coverage and a frigging map. Due to injuryocalypse, our defense is starting to crumble as well. I honestly can’t wait to watch this team suck on Christmas Day. - Sadaraine

What is your score prediction for the Broncos-Ravens game? Let us know in the comments section below.