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Broncos vs. Chiefs score predictions for Week 17

No one is taking the Denver Broncos seriously, so you can guess which way these score predictions will go. Here’s our score predictions for the game.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The season of horror is nearly over, but not before the Denver Broncos take their 14-game losing streak to the Kansas City Chiefs into Arrowhead against the 12-3 Chiefs who are in the thick of a battle for homefield advantage in the AFC. Can anyone say bloodbath? Mile High Report can...

Collectively, we see a Chiefs 31-17 blowout win over the Broncos. Not all of us think it’s a blowout and one of us had a dream/fantasy of an outcome. Here’s how we predicted things individually:

Chiefs 27, Broncos 24

The Indianapolis Colts were mocked nearly two months ago when they fired their head coach and brought in Jeff Saturday as interim. They laughed all the way up until his Colts team shocked the Las Vegas Raiders on the road in Saturday’s first game as head coach. That is what I am clinging to here, not the fact that Saturday’s team has lost every game since, but the fact they beat the first one. Of course, Derek Carr is no Patrick Mahomes, so I still can’t predict a win here. - Tim Lynch

Chiefs 38, Broncos 13

If you are going into this with any expectation of a win, you are delusional. I did see an MHR commenter on the game preview post mention how disappointing it is to see so many of us not taking these weekly posts seriously. I get that, but also, have you even been paying attention to this season’s experiment in just how bad can things get? It’s a joke. Maybe we can expect some changes in 2023, but for now, gird your loins Broncos Country. The Chiefs are looking for a playoff bye. The Broncos are looking to say bye to this season. The math is bad. - Adam Malnati

Chiefs 41, Broncos 17

Do either of these teams really want to play this game? I’m not sure what to even expect that would change any attitudes from the Broncos side of things. Maybe Dulcich goes off between the 20s. Maybe someone takes out a streaker on the field. The only expectation I know to be an almost sure thing is another blowout. Two weeks left. - Nick Burch

Broncos 28, Chiefs 0 (he dreamed it)

I know it may sound crazy, because it is, but I had a dream, no a vision, Thursday morning that the Broncos started off the Hackett-less era 1-0. They’ll do it in style, showing that it was the old head coach that stifled all offensive hope. Now there’s like a 0.01% chance of this actually happening, but a man can dream, right? - Ross Allen

Chiefs 34, Broncos 13

Even good Broncos teams struggle at Arrowhead in December. Yes, teams get a bounce after firing a head coach, but Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid have the No. 1 seed on the line. And given what happened the last time these two teams played, the Chiefs aren’t going to fall into a “trap.” - Ian St. Clair

Chiefs 45, Broncos 9

I’ll be rooting for our underdog team to do something special. But my orange and blue heart has become jaded. I want the organization to feel the suffering of the past 6 years every week until they start holding people accountable again at every level. One embarrassment was enough to get a head coach fired. The Chiefs will likely make this team understand just how far they are from being an actual functional NFL football team. - Sadaraine

Seattle 1, Denver 0

The Chiefs will score a lot of points and the Broncos won’t. But the real winner will be Seattle. - Mike DeCicco

What is your score prediction for the Broncos-Chiefs game? Let us know in the comments section below.