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Nathaniel Hackett: ‘We’ve got to do better at everything on offense’

The Denver Broncos lost to the Baltimore Ravens and backup QB Tyler Huntley on Sunday, and there’s really not a lot to say

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

The Denver Broncos lost a game by one point. They were held beneath 20 points. They did not score a touchdown. There were plenty of three-and-outs, and in other series, one big play and three plays that amounted to nothing. The defense did all they could but couldn’t hold on for the entire 60 minutes, and the Broncos lose yet again.

It’s the same tired story every week, and the same regurgitated talking point by the coaching staff and Russell Wilson.

“It starts with coaching, and then we’ve got to execute and do everything better on offense,” head coach Nathaniel Hackett said after the 10-9 loss in Baltimore.

To paraphrase Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters, that ought to do it, thanks very much, Nate.

The Broncos now sit 3-9 on the season and have guaranteed yet another losing season. The team has been dealt a brutal blow with injuries this season, but Hackett, when presented with the obstacle, said they had to work with who was available.

“We’ve got no choice,” Hackett said in regards to limited healthy players. “We’ve got to be able to find a way to get in the end zone, the defense is playing great, and we’ve got to be able to score more points.”

QB Russell Wilson was moderately more efficient than his last outing, going 17-22 for 189 yards, but he had no touchdowns once again. The offense also got a nice showing from rookie tight end Greg Dulcich, who had six catches for 85 yards, but without points to go with it, it seems empty.

Perhaps a perfect example of the imbalance from defense to offense, safety Justin Simmons had two interceptions in the game, and the Broncos offense could only manage a single first down and a field goal.

“It’s very frustrating,” Hackett said of not capitalizing of the INTs. “You always want to be able to move the ball, especially after a turnover. We had some things happen on the first play, the guys have to be sure they’re locked in and executing their responsibilities.”

Another week, another inept offensive performance, another series of generic postgame commentary...what else is there to say other than, it is what it is at this point.