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NFL Power Rankings: Week 14

There is a new #1 team, and the Broncos have officially reached a new low on the season.

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

While most people reading this likely have to suffer through every week of the season and watch the Denver Broncos attempt to play football, there is a large fanbase that has the ability to watch the most entertaining team in football every week, and that honor belongs to Eagles fans. Once again Jalen Hurts put on a show, and with the aid of A.J. Brown, they blew out one of the AFC’s top teams.

There is one thing that worries me at this point of the season though. I’m starting to think that the Cowboys are actually legitimate Super Bowl contenders, and I shiver by just imagining how much worse the most annoying fanbase in the league would get if Dallas was actually able to take home a championship for the first time in over 20 years.

But now turning our attention to the home town team; let’s talk about the Broncos and their most recent loss, this time to the Ravens. It was yet another game where the were in control through most of it, but then managed to blow it away at the end. Nathaniel Hackett still clearly holds a heavy hand over this offense, and that is made apparent by the fact that they have now managed to score just one touchdown over their last 33 offensive drives.

It’s no surprise that Brandon McManus now holds a franchise record for the most made field goals over 50+ yards given how pathetic this offense has been over the last six years. Congrats to the only player that can put up points for this team.

Mover of the Week: Seattle Seahawks (up four spots). Seattle saw another bump up the rankings this week as they earned their third win on the season over divisional opponents, and even with injuries piling up, Geno Smith and co. continue to give the NFC pains, much to the chagrin of Broncos fans everywhere.

Week 14 Power Rankings

Rank Team Previous (Week 13)
Rank Team Previous (Week 13)
1 Eagles +1 Chiefs
2 Chiefs -1 Eagles
3 Cowboys Cowboys
4 Bills Bills
5 49ers 49ers
6 Vikings Vikings
7 Bengals +3 Jets
8 Jets -1 Dolphins
9 Dolphins -1 Ravens
10 Ravens -1 Bengals
11 Titans Titans
12 Seahawks +4 Patriots
13 Patriots -1 Giants
14 Giants -1 Commanders
15 Commanders -1 Chargers
16 Bucs +1 Seahawks
17 Lions +1 Bucs
18 Packers +1 Lions
19 Chargers -4 Packers
20 Steelers +1 Cardinals
21 Cardinals -1 Steelers
22 Browns Browns
23 Raiders +1 Rams
24 Rams -1 Raiders
25 Saints Saints
26 Colts Colts
27 Panthers Panthers
28 Falcons Falcons
29 Jags Jags
30 Bears +1 Broncos
31 Broncos -1 Bears
32 Texans Texans