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Apathy season has set in for Broncos Country

Losing to the Chiefs will only push more fans away

It isn’t easy to get excited about a Denver Broncos football game right now. Add the prospects of adding to the losing streak to the Kansas City Chiefs, and it doesn’t get much worse for Broncos Country.

I’m not going to try and blow sunshine up your collective butts. Instead, I am going to vent a little.

I am so angry about what has happened with this franchise, I have checked out. I told Ian on Odds and Endzones, I find it hard to turn the games on anymore. I used to do everything I could to see the Broncos play.

When I first moved away from Colorado I found a sports bar that had access to all the games and I planted myself there every Sunday. In recent years I have found more creative tactics to watch the team that I grew up with.

Now, the tactics are still creative, but the urgency has dissipated. Sure, age has taken its toll on me. My Sundays aren’t as open as they used to be. Having a family will do that. However, I never would have struggled in years past.

But the feckless offense, and the disappointment of the season have pushed many of us away. Watching Nathaniel Hackett struggle as a head coach was somewhat expected. Still, the promise of offensive improvement under Hackett, with Russell Wilson at QB caused more than a little excitement.

After losing 10-9 to the Baltimore Ravens the fact that Hackett still had a job was just another slap in the face to the fans who have supported this team for decades. This is the kind of losing that would have never been acceptable under Pat Bowlen.

The Denver Broncos have been a crown jewel for the NFL for over 30 years. Now we watch Tik Tok videos where a kid recaps how far away Russell Wilson is from throwing as many TD passes as he has bathrooms in his house.

Infuriating isn’t strong enough. This team has become a joke in the NFL. We used to laugh at the Detroit Lions, the New York Jets, the Cleveland Browns. Now, the Broncos are on par with the Houston Texans in 2022. But there is no compensation at the end of the diarrhea rainbow.

The Broncos will likely end up adding to their losing streak to the Chiefs on Sunday. It will be another loss that many of us will only passingly notice. Still, there could be a win on Sunday.

Should they lose, and the Walton Penner group decides to fire Hackett, that could be considered a win. There has to be a culture change in the locker room. Hackett has to go. It’s the first step to healing.