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Taking the Reins: Kansas City Condiments

The Broncos will need Pat Mahomes to make football decisions as bad as his choice of steak sauce if Denver is to win on Sunday.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

#1: Something something offense.

I have to guess that reading the first spot in this weekly post is starting to feel a lot like writing it does: We’re all Bill Murray, wandering around Punxsutawney as we repeat the same messy day in a fog. When will it ever turn out right?

Probably not this week.

Still, though, the #1 thing standing between the 2022 Denver Broncos & success is their own incredible offensive ineptitude. Take your pick of whichever game you like as the perfect example of that. Nearly any of the losses this season will work.

A mentor of mine once shared this advice: Keep the main thing the main thing. Don’t let yourself get distracted and dragged down by minutiae. Well, in football the main thing is putting points on the board. And until the Broncos start doing that, we’re going to be stuck in the time loop thinking up wackier and wackier ways to try and end the misery.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

#2: Come out of the game healthy*.

*As healthy as we go in, at least.

This has been a horrendous year for injuries, possibly the worst in team history. With backups already playing all over both sides of the roster, keeping our remaining guys healthy is an even higher priority than ever. Both for the team’s short term, umm... viability? And for its long term success.

This late in the season, any new major injuries are highly likely to impact those player(s)’ availability and quality of play in 2023. So, since good offense and wins don’t seem to be among the available choices, Broncos Country is probably best served by centering their Christmas wishes on a healthy final quarter of the season.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

#3: Play a game that’s at least watchable.

We all know the odds are stacked extremely high against the Broncos to win this game. Never say never, just say “Any given Sunday”. But even so, it would be huge for the team to just produce a game that’s enjoyable to watch.

Some consistent offense, a few good drives, maybe force a turnover or two. Maybe even a big play or two if we’re feeling frisky. That can’t be too much to ask, right?

What are your top keys to victory for the Broncos on Sunday?