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What was the Broncos most impressive Super Bowl victory?

The Denver Broncos have won three titles, but which of those wins was the most impressive? Sign up to participate in our next survey.

AMFOOT-NFL-SUPERBOWL Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

It’s Super Bowl week and we haven’t really done many dives into Denver Broncos past glory, because it is hard to pump up the hype after five seasons of frustrating football. It does appear that GM George Paton is turning this thing around and I look forward to that.

However, I thought it would be fun to ask one question of Broncos fans this week before the Super Bowl to see what fans thought was the “most impressive” Super Bowl win.


What was "most impressive" Broncos Super Bowl win?

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  • 67%
    Super Bowl 32
    (743 votes)
  • 8%
    Super Bowl 33
    (97 votes)
  • 24%
    Super Bowl 50
    (268 votes)
1108 votes total Vote Now

I have a feeling Super Bowl 32 would win unanimously, so I am here to make my case for Super Bowl 50 even as you all vote on this.

Super Bowl 32 was impressive for sure. They were facing the NFL MVP in Brett Favre and the defending champion Green Bay Packers, but that Broncos team was stacked with future Hall of Famers and had great balance on both sides of the ball. That 1997 Broncos team was massively underrated due to the fact they had lost with John Elway in three previous Super Bowls in the 1980s and the AFC hadn’t won a title at all in 13 straight seasons.

In a vacuum, that Broncos team should not have been double-digit underdogs and obviously in hindsight the results speak to that truth.

I would pick Super Bowl 50 as the most impressive title the Broncos have ever won, because that defense was a literal unicorn that season. No other team in recent years has even come close to the lopsidedness between the offense and defense in a Super Bowl team - much less a Super Bowl winner.

Not only did Denver win when they had no business winning in 2015, they did against what could be argued as the single best Super Bowl unit in the above graph in the Carolina Panthers. They had the league MVP in Cam Newton and the number one offense and a Top 5 defense.

For that Broncos team to dominate the offense the way they did and secure two massive turnovers inside the 20 yard line that resulted in their only two touchdowns was one of the most impressive feats I have seen in a Super Bowl. Not quite Eli Manning throwing up 4th down prayers and having them answered impressive, but certainly the most impressive Broncos title ever won.

Which title would you put at the top of your most impressive win list? Discuss in the comments section below. I do have some other survey results to share centered around the Super Bowl tomorrow.

SB Nation Reacts Super Bowl Survey Results

  • 57% of fans think the Rams will win the Super Bowl
  • 58% of fans think the first player to score a touchdown will have an off jersey number
  • 63% of fans think the team that wins the coin toss will lose the game
  • 51% of fans think the Super Bowl coin toss will land heads up
  • 36% think Joe Burrow will win Super Bowl MVP; followed by 3 Rams players (Stafford, Kupp, Donald)
  • 72% of fans think the National Anthem performance will go longer than two minutes
  • 42% of fans think the color Gatorade dumped on the winning coach will be orange
  • 73% of fans are more excited for the Super Bowl commercials than the Halftime Show
  • 40% of fans think wings are a must have item on the Super Bowl menu

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