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2022 Broncos starting Quarterback candidates: Jimmy Garoppolo

Could Jimmy G. be the answer for the Broncos at the quarterback position?

NFL: NFC Championship-San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike Aaron Rodgers, we do know that Jimmy Garoppolo will be traded this offseason. The 49ers made a big trade-up for Trey Lance prior to the 2021 NFL Draft and are now ready to hand over the reins of the offense to him and move on from Jimmy G. With many teams needing a quarterback and it being a weak draft class, we could see a bit of a bidding for Garoppolo’s services.

Could the Broncos be one of the teams trying to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo in the coming days and weeks? I’ll give you the reasons why and why not they should do this.


Jimmy Garoppolo

HT: 6-2 Weight: 225lbs

Experience: 8 years Age: 30 years old


11,852 yards passing, 71 touchdowns, 38 interceptions, 67.7 completion percentage, a quarterback rating of 98.9, 192 rushing yards, and 5 touchdowns. He has appeared in one Super Bowl and is a two-time Super Bowl champ with the Patriots

Reasons why the Broncos should make the trade

  • The cost to acquire him would be much lower than it would be for Rodgers/Wilson
  • Has extensive history in a west coast offense that Nathaniel Hackett will be running
  • He is one of the better quarterbacks available this offseason not named Rodgers or potentially Wilson
  • Has helped lead a team to the Super Bowl and deep into the playoffs a few times
  • Has been a steady quarterback when he’s been on the field throughout his career
  • Would likely be the best quarterback the Broncos have had since Peyton Manning
  • Only has one year left on his deal so it wouldn’t be a long-term commitment if it doesn’t workout

Outside of the Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson dream scenarios, Jimmy G. might be the best available quarterback left. He’s not great, but he has led a team to two NFC Championships and nearly a Super Bowl win. So you have a track record to hopefully lean on if you do indeed bring him in.

Also, by the sounds of it, Hackett’s offense should be rather similar to Kyle Shanahan’s offense, so the learning curve won’t be that bad for him as well.

Also, with reports stating it would “only” take a day two selection to acquire Jimmy G. who is playing in the final year of his deal, it would be a low-risk sort of addition. This would allow the Broncos to keep their 9th overall selection, and they have two second-round picks to use as well. Also, if the move doesn’t work out, you can move on from him in a year and swing again and/or hand it over to a rookie.

Reasons why the Broncos shouldn’t make the trade

  • Very injury prone - has only played a full season once in his career
  • Has only topped 20 passing touchdowns twice in his career
  • He is an average at best QB who was subpar with Kyle Shanahan as his Head Coach
  • Likely facing competition for his services and a potential bidding war
  • Not a long-term answer at the position
  • Nearly a $27 million dollar cap it
  • Have to give up draft pick(s) for him
  • Was handpicked by Kyle Shanahan who decided to move on from him
  • Likely an expensive bridge quarterback you have to give up draft picks for

While I did state he might be the best candidate outside of Rodgers and Russ, that does not mean he’s a great option and most likely not the answer you’re looking for.

My biggest concern is his health. He has dealt with injuries a lot throughout his career, and while he did play 15 games this past year, he was dealing with multiple injuries that affected his play down the stretch. So, there’s a high risk that he might not be on the field for you much in 2022.

He’s an average-at-best quarterback who was paired with one of the best offensive minds in the game. If this is the most Shanahan can squeeze out of him, it’s probably not a great sign for his potential with another team.

If added, it’s hard to see Jimmy staying past 2022 with the Broncos. He’s in his final year, and the Broncos would likely add a rookie this year and/or next year to replace him or just enter the free agent/trade market once again next year. I’m personally not very keen on adding another one-and-done quarterback that will likely cost a second-round pick.

Final Thoughts


That’s my thoughts on Garoppolo. He would be an “improvement” but not by much. I’m no Drew Lock supporter, but I would rather keep the picks, build through the draft, potentially draft someone at QB, and roll with that if this is what it comes down to. Not an ideal situation, but I’d rather use the cap and draft picks elsewhere.

Also, teams like the Steelers, Texans, Raiders, Commanders, Bucs, Saints, Panthers, Colts, Browns, and others could be in the market for a quarterback. This could lead to a bidding war and he’s just not worth it in my opinion.

So, I’d rather pass but, at the end of the day, he might be the best option outside of the two dream scenarios. So, I would understand if they decided to make that deal.


If the Broncos cannot trade for Rodgers or Russ, would you give up a day 2 selection (and potentially more) for Jimmy Garoppolo?

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