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Moving forward

The announced sale of the Broncos franchise along with a lawsuit naming John Elway and Joe Ellis lead this fan to looking forward to coming changes for the team.

Denver Broncos vs. against the Oakland Raiders, NFL Week 17 Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Can we just move on already? I’m so tired of reading the spin in and around the Denver Broncos year after year.

Paxon Lynch is the future.

Trevor Siemian is just what Gary Kubiak is looking for in a quarterback.

Joe Flacco is going to help the Broncos return to greatness

Case Keenum is the first franchise QB the Broncos have landed since Peyton Manning.

John Elway has just had bad luck drafting.

Joe Ellis is doing exactly what Pat Bowlen would have wanted.

(Feel free to add your favorites in the comments below because I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch)

Enough with the horse shit, Denver Broncos. Please just sell the team already and bring in an owner who will kick the overpaid, overindulged, unaccountable leaders of this franchise to the curb so this team can get the ship steered back to winning waters.

Yes, Vic Fangio needed to move along. But that’s just a symptom. That’s putting a cold washrag on your forehead when you have a fever. The sickness is much has to do with the leaders at the very top of the organization saying a lot, but taking very little real action or responsibility.

All the coaching changes, the finger-pointing, and the “quarterback” hype about guys who are backups at best honestly are mostly just public relations moves meant to keep fans happy.

I for one am so excited that the team has finally reached the breaking point with the leadership of Joe Ellis and John Elway. Hopefully, the team gets sold and we get to stop hearing from either one of them.

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