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Broncos Country ready for relief from Aaron Rodgers decision

It’s been reported that Rodgers will make his decision sometime in the next week. At this point, the football world is ready for the cleanse.

Good morning, Broncos Country!

When it comes to athlete and reporter interviews, there’s an inclination for just a skosh more.

Obviously, this depends on the relationship for the type of interview, thus the information, that is presented to the public.

There are also times it goes onto the TMI platform.

One such moment came earlier this week on the Pat McAfee Show. For those who haven’t watched, it’s morphed into one of the better talk shows on the world wide web. But on Tuesday, the former NFL punter did the customary Aaron Rodgers Tuesday.

Most of the people tuning in, especially fans of the Denver Broncos, thought they may get the decision, ala LeBron James, but it didn’t come. Instead, we got a discussion about cleanses and sacred oils for buttholes.

No doubt this could turn into a great SNL spoof at some point, but when it comes to athlete and reporter interviews, this was not one I had on my bingo card.

Thankfully, it’s subsequently been reported that Rodgers will make his decision sometime in the next week. At this point, Broncos Country and the football world are ready for relief.

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