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Report: Broncos to interview with QB’s Malik Willis, Kenny Pickett, and Matt Corral at the Combine

George Paton and the Broncos will interview the top QB prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

According to 9News Denver’s Mike Klis, the Denver Broncos will meet with quarterback prospects Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, and Matt Corral at the NFL scouting combine.

General Manager George Paton is going to do his homework on all the quarterback options available to him this offseason. Now, with Aaron Rodgers likely returning to the Green Bay Packers, the Broncos will move to “Plan B” in finding their next starting quarterback.

Could Willis, Pickett, or Corral be that answer?

Malik Willis has the most upside in this class. He’s the combination of arm strength, athleticism, and play-making ability and could be the first quarterback off the board come April. However, he’s a work in progress and likely won’t be ready to start right away in year one. He is your big “boom or bust” prospect in this year's weak quarterback draft class.

Kenny Pickett is the most “ready” quarterback of the group but appears to have a lower ceiling than some of the other prospects in this year’s class. He has good athleticism, can make plays with his legs, has a quick release, and is known for his accuracy. However, he has small hands and his velocity on throws is not very good. He’s a more athletic Teddy Bridgewater it appears.

Matt Corral is coming off an ankle injury he suffered during a Bowl Game is another toolsy quarterback. He has good athleticism and arm strength, but his accuracy can be iffy and he plays a bit reckless at times. To me, he’s another Drew Lock-like prospect. The tools are there, he would fit into the system, but will he ever figure it all out and become a legitimate starter?

I personally believe the Broncos will add a veteran through free agency or via a trade, but they need to do their due diligence on the rookie quarterbacks. If Paton and his coaching staff end up loving a prospect, they need to make that swing.

In the end, we have another offseason where we talk about quarterbacks until you’re sick and tired of it.