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John Elway responds to allegations made by Brian Flores regarding 2019 head coaching interview

Responding to allegations made by Brian Flores, John Elway issued a strong statement denying any wrongdoing.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos were named in a lawsuit by former Miami Dolphins’ head coach Brian Flores for not interviewing Flores in good faith during the teams head coaching search in 2019. The Broncos issued a statement denying Flores’ version of events earlier this week, but now John Elway has also responded to the allegations with his own statement in response to the claims made in the lawsuit filing via a tweet thread from Mike Klis of 9News.

“While I was not planning to respond publicly to the false and defamatory claims by Brian Flores, I could not be silent any longer with my character, integrity and professionalism being attacked.

“I took Coach Flores very seriously as a candidate for our head coaching position in 2019 and enjoyed our three-and-a-half hour interview with him. Along with the rest of our group, I was prepared, ready and fully engaged during the entire interview as Brian shared his experience and vision for our team.

“It’s unfortunate and shocking to learn for first time this week that Brian felt differently about our interview with him.

“For Brian to make an assumption about my appearance and state of mind early that morning was subjective, hurtful and just plain wrong. If I appeared ‘disheveled’ as he claimed it was because we had flown during middle of night-immediately following another interview in Denver and were going on a few hour sleep to meet the only window provided.

“I interviewed Brian in good faith, giving him the same consideration and opportunity as every other candidate for our head coaching position in 2019.”

This statement comes two days after the Broncos themselves issued their own timeline of events from that day refuting the allegations Flores made.

Flores also spoke directly to the allegations made towards the Broncos in a recent interview on ESPN from the 11:17 mark to 13:01.

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