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Aaron Rodgers asked if he’ll come to Denver says ‘We’ll see’

How to make Denver Broncos fans go crazy? Don’t say no to coming to Denver in a trade. That’s apparently what Aaron Rodgers did today.

Well it has been settled. Aaron Rodgers all but confirms he will be coming to the Denver Broncos in 2022. All joking aside, Twitter blew up this morning when Rodgers was asked on the golf course to “Come to Denver” and he responded with, “We’ll see”.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t hear anything from this clip. In a way, I agree with Andrew Mason who said it felt like we were chasing a breadcrumb that literally means nothing. To me, the big thing here if true is that he didn’t say anything scripted out of a PR playbook. Leaving that door open with a simple ‘we’ll see’ is like pouring gasoline on a fire when it comes to speculating the future of one Hall of Fame quarterback in Aaron Rodgers.

After the last six years of Denver Broncos football, it also boggles my mind that there are still people out there angrily opposed to Rodgers ever putting on a Broncos uniform due to some perception that he is a diva of sorts. Diva or not, give me some of that high tier quarterback play for a year or two. It’ll be a nice break from the norm here Post-Super Bowl 50.

What do you think about this? Can you hear anything? I tried hard and didn’t hear anything, but people are saying its real.