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Did the Broncos mortgage the future for Russell Wilson?

If they did, it wasn’t the brightest future. Thank you George Paton.

There has been an interesting theme out there since the Denver Broncos traded for Russell Wilson. After 6 seasons of searching, some folks in the football world are concerned that the Broncos have mortgaged their future to bring in their new quarterback.

It’s a statement that has been tossed in my direction on a few occasions by fans that don’t follow the team like we here in the MHR community do. And as I mentioned on the MHR Radio Podcast, I always like to look at my position to see if I am looking at things wrong.

The notion that Broncos Country would be celebrating the acquisition of a QB that will simply push them to 3rd in the AFC West is a funny meme, but is it accurate?

You’ve probably seen it. The picture of fans celebrating with the caption about finishing 3rd in the division. And it isn’t like the AFC West is now a pushover for the Broncos. The Kansas City Chiefs are still the Chiefs. They are the target. They are the team that sets the bar for the entire AFC.

The Chargers seem like a team that could contend for the division. They have taken their shortcomings on defense seriously. They traded for Khalil Mack, signed J.C. Jackson, and Sebastian Joseph-Day. They are looking to create a defense that can contain the Chiefs.

The Las Vegas Raiders made the playoffs in 2021. Derek Carr may not be a top QB, but the Broncos were staring up at their hated division rivals when it was all said and done.

The question, though, is did the Broncos mortgage their future to finish no better than third in the AFC West? I don’t have an answer to that, other than to point out that the whole football world has given this trade a pretty solid grade.

And the question that always pops into my mind when I hear the term, “mortgaged the future,” is... What future?

A future of convincing fans that Drew Lock just needs more time? That Carson Wentz, or Jimmy Garoppolo, or Mitch Trubisky, or another year of Teddy Bridgewater can be enough to get back to the playoffs? A future of 6-11, 7-10, or 8-9? A future of drafting in that wonderful 8-15 range? Some dystopian hellscape of irrelevant futility?

No thank you. George Paton has pulled off a move that makes the Broncos relevant again. Denver has a true franchise QB. He chose to come to the Broncos. He believed that he could compete for a title with this team.

This has been an incredible offseason. After six seasons of futility and frustration, the trade for Russell Wilson was the first step in an offseason that is shaping up to be the start of a huge turnaround for the Broncos. And Paton still has several picks in the top 150 to play with.

Sometimes, the mortgage is worth it. Russell Wilson is that mortgage.


Will the Broncos regret giving up what they did for Russell Wilson?

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