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GM Paton, HC Hackett reveal what they want in their quarterbacks

A look behind the scouting curtain revealed certain traits the Broncos’ staff will be looking for at quarterback. Does it answer any questions we have, however?

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Toughness. Intelligence. Accuracy. Athleticism.

These 4 traits were emphatically stated by Denver Broncos Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett in what he looks for in his quarterbacks at the Combine yesterday. Hackett went on to elaborate further:

“I think when you look at a quarterback, my job is to fit the system to him. Every quarterback’s different, every guy plays different. You can look across the league and there’s under-center offenses, spread offenses. The idea is to figure out what those guys do and what they’re comfortable in and kind of always make them feel uncomfortable, too, because you want them to grow and do other things and that can possibly get into their menu of things that they can do. At the same time, when it’s crunch time and they feel like they need a little help, you have to help them do what they do best.”

General Manager George Paton backed up Hackett’s belief in an interview with Pro Football Talk later that day.

However, George Paton also added further general scouting thought on what the quarterback position should look like.

In that specific interview, Paton mentioned he believes a quarterback should have some athleticism and that “hand size is important”.

Reading into that specific statement, to me, rules out Nevada QB Carson Strong and Pitt QB Kenny Pickett. Strong has clear mobility concerns and his medical history might scare the Broncos away from him if they are looking for athletes. Pickett, at 8 1/4’’ hands, would have the smallest hand size recorded from a quarterback. If hand size is as important as Paton said, it’s tough to imagine that keeps him on their board.

Where it gets tricky is that virtually all of the quarterbacks in the 2022 NFL Draft can get eliminated based on one or multiple of the factors Hackett and Paton revealed today. While we got an important look behind the curtain on their scouting beliefs, it feels like the picture on their future quarterback looks as murky as it did a week ago.

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