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Russell Wilson posts video throwing to Courtland Sutton

Let the hype begin early! Russell Wilson to Courtland Sutton is a connection we all hope to see plenty of in 2022.

Uh oh is right!

We have our first look of Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson in a Broncos’ helmet. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also throwing a pretty ball to Courtland Sutton.

Wilson hasn’t even been officially a Bronco for a week and he’s already out there working on the timing he’ll need with Sutton and the rest of the Broncos wide receiver corps to win games this season.

He had mentioned last week that this would be coming.

“The next step is getting in the playbook, mastering that,” Wilson told 9News. “And really the biggest thing is getting with the guys and throwing. We have a whole plan set out. We’re throwing here in a couple days.”

That throw was damn pretty and seeing Sutton lay it out a bit in shorts to make sure he brought it in was another thing of beauty.

Update: Wilson wasn’t done. He got some red zone drills in with Tim Patrick.

Then it was KJ Hamler’s turn!

It’s also nice to see this wasn’t just a catch and throw type of gathering. They are working on specific drills to develop timing and chemistry. I really can’t get enough of this today. Here’s another to Courtland Sutton.

I’m so ready for this season to begin. How about you?