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Report: Broncos have emerged as a “prime location” for a veteran QB this offseason

Sounds like the Broncos could land one of the top-tier veteran quarterback’s this offseason.

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

According to ESPN’s Ian Rapoport, the Denver Broncos are emerging as a “prime location” for a veteran quarterback, including Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Rapoport also mentions Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Texans, quarterback Deshaun Watson (if legal issues are resolved obviously) as other possible options.

As we know, Rapoport reported Friday night, that Rodgers was “truly torn” about where he wants to play in 2022. He plans to make his decision before Tuesday’s franchise tag deadline, so we should know sooner rather than later.

The reports earlier in the week made it sound like Rodgers and Packers were headed to a reunion. Now, we have Rodgers being torn and Rapoport going out of his way to mention how desirable Denver is as a landing spot for the veteran quarterbacks. So, either this is some sort of negotiating via the media, some PR tactics from the Packers or Rodgers camp, or just the truth.

I made peace earlier in the week that Rodgers wasn’t joining the Broncos, but now, it’s starting to seem like he is leaning towards announcing he wants a trade. If someone is torn about staying with someone or moving on, they usually end up moving on. Could be wishful thinking on my part, but going from contract talks to Rodgers being “torn” and the Broncos being propped up as an ideal landing spot for a veteran, it is hard not to dot connect.

I understand the fatigue of this story, but, it seems like things could be leaning our way. We should know sooner rather than later, but at least it’s good news that the Broncos are reportedly a prime location for other veteran quarterbacks besides Aaron Rodgers.