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Drew Lock is reportedly part of trade for Russell Wilson

As part of the blockbuster trade for Russell Wilson, Drew Lock will be going to the Seattle Seahawks.

As part of the Denver Broncos blockbuster trade to acquire Russell Wilson, they will be sending Drew Lock to the Seattle Seahawks. His time with the team has come to an end as George Paton continues to rebuild the roster.

Lock will likely be a small part of the compensation as the early reports indicate multiple first-round picks as well as other players beyond just Drew Lock.

The Broncos are moving aggressively to improve the offensive side of the ball for new head coach Nathaniel Hackett. We should expect to see a completely different kind of football team come Week 1.

What do you think of Drew Lock’s time in Denver? Did he get a fair shot to compete and make an NFL career here? I would say he did and did not. It’s hard to give him a fair judgement either way due to the complete failure of Pat Shurmur over the last two seasons.