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Top 5 things Broncos Country can look forward to this season

The Broncos are relevant for the first time in a long time.

DENVER BRONCOS VS KANSAS CITY CHIEFS, NFL Photo by AAron Ontiveroz/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

With the arrival of Russell Wilson, the Denver Broncos are poised to enjoy a level of relevancy unmatched since Peyton Manning dumped the Colts blue for Broncos orange. Over the last six years, the Broncos set some less-than-stellar precedents with their abysmal play and lack-luster approach to football.

That’s over.

Here are the top-five things Broncos fans can expect from this season.

Sold out Stadium

Russell Wilson is going to be the draw that Joe Flacco, Trevor Siemian, and Drew Lock could never be. While the stands in Denver were quite literally on fire during this offseason, expect more of the same when Russell Reason lighting up long-dormant wide receivers. The Broncos are going to be quite literally a hot ticket.

Beating the Chiefs

The Denver Broncos are going to beat the Chiefs this year. Yes. I said it. While Patrick Mahomes may have been the AFC West darling. there’s a new stud in town, and his family isn’t annoying as hell.


The thing about bringing in a quarterback like Russell Wilson is that this 6-11 and 7-10 crapola is over. For the first time in a long time, there are expectations for the Denver Broncos. Simply showing up, as was the case over the last few-too-many years, just won’t cut it. The Broncos are going to the playoffs this year.


Yes, expect national sports media to recognize the Denver Broncos for who they are this year - a legit contender. The silly quarterback carousel graphic that preceded each crushing Broncos loss on their few nationally televised games is no more (or we all get to revel in some innovative way that a poorly rendered Russell Wilson destroys it).

Throwback Jerseys

Here’s the thing, The Denver Broncos have what is quite possibly the greatest throwback jersey of all time in the iconic Denver D uniform. What better way to demonstrate that the new owner is committed to the history and future of the Denver Broncos than to have them, whoever they are, publicly announce that the Broncos are going retro for a couple games in 2022? This announcement is absolutely in the back-pocket of the new owner and is without a doubt, the biggest no-brainer of the new regime.

The Denver Broncos are going to be fun this year. Broncos fans have endured historic ineptitude unseen since the 1960’s and it’s time to make some noise. There’s a lot to look forward to, especially crushing the Kansas City Chiefs for the first time in a long time. The AFC West just got that much more interesting and we, as Broncos fans, are here for all of it.


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