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Who are the finalists to purchase the Denver Broncos?

Five finalists have emerged (three known) in the bidding for ownership of the Denver Broncos. Here is what we know.

Walmart Holds Annual Multi-Day Shareholders Meeting In Arkansas Photo by Rick T. Wilking/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos have narrowed the list of prospective buyers to five in the next round of bidding, which is expected to begin happening sometime in early May when they begin meeting with Broncos leadership. Three of those buyers are now known.

The first, and favorite to reach the winning bid, is Wal-Mart heir Rob Walton who has a net worth around $70 billion. The second is a group led by Josh Harris who co-owns the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils. The third is a group led by Todd Boehly who is an investor in the Los Angeles Dodgers.

For any of them to be taken seriously, they likely need to come in above the $4 billion bid mark. That would make the Denver Broncos the most expensive franchise in NFL history and would blow away all other recent NFL franchise purchases.

Of these known bidders, it is clear that Walton has the most firepower to make an offer that the Broncos Trust cannot refuse. At 77 years old, the biggest question would be who is in line to take over for Walton down the road. That could end up being his son-in-law, Greg Penner would be a significant partner in the team.

Josh Harris, 57, already owns the New Jersey Nets and is a managing partner for the Philadelphia 76ers. Of the three known bidders, Harris might have the most experience running and operating a professional sports franchise. The co-founder of Apollo Global Management is also involved in a potential bid for Chelsea, a soccer team in Great Britain.

Todd Boehly is also part of that Chelsea sale and looking to bid on the Broncos as well. However, it would seem that Harris may be the only known bidder that could challenge Walton. The final sale price could end up being a race to the $5 billion mark.

Where do you think the final sale price for the Denver Broncos ends up?

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