Be the GM Draft Contest

Since I haven't seen it posted yet I figured I would try to get ahead and post a be the GM contest. You only win internet glory unfortunately. But here is my point system:

Correct player drafted in correct spot - 100 pts

Correct player drafted - 90 pts

Predict correct trade for pick - 90 pts

Predict trade for pick - 70 pts

Correct position for pick - 50 pts

Correct position - 30 pts

Predicting correct UDFA signing players - 50 pts per player

Predicting correct position for UDFA - 10 pts

For consistency sake, the positions will be QB, RB, TE, OT, IOL (includes guards and centers), WR, ST (includes punter, Kicker, LS), DL, Edge (includes OLB primarly rush players), LB, CB, and S.

Post your draft with player prior to start of the draft, you can have 5 UDFA as well as your picks. Sample here would be mine:

Pick 64 - Kingsley Engabare, ED - South Carolina

Trade Pick 75 to New Oreleans for New Orleans Pick 98, Pick 120 and pick 194 plus R4 and R6 picks in 2023

Pick 98 - Kellen Diesch OT - ASU

Pick 115 Zyon McCollum CB - Sam Houston State

Pick 116 Dominique Robinson Edge/OLB - Miami of Ohio

Pick 120 Kyle Philips WR - UCLA

Pick 145 Pierre Strong Jr. RB- South Dakota State Univeristy

Pick 194 Matt Araiza P - San Diego State

Pick 206 Cole Turner TE - Nevada

Pick 232 Noah Elliss DL - Idaho

Pick 234 Jack Sanborn - Wisconsin

UDFA - Kaleb Eleby QB Western Michigan

UDFA - Nate Landman LB Colorado

UDFA - Austin Stogner TE Oklahoma

UDFA - Josh Sills OG Oklahoma State

UDFA - Jordan Jackson DL Air Force

You can make multiple entries but only the last one posted before the draft starts will be used for scoring purposes. Like I said, only prize is knowing you are the best GM.

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