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Could new Broncos’ ownership lead to push for a new stadium?

A new stadium has a host of positives and negatives. Where do you stand on the potential for the Denver Broncos to land a new stadium?

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

With the Denver Broncos likely to secure a new owner before the start of the 2022 regular season, the topic of a new stadium is already a thing. Russell Haythorn of Denver 7 covered this report last week with comments from Broncos current President Joe Ellis and others regarding the potential for a new stadium fight with the new owner coming in.

“It’ll be the No. 1 decision the new owner will have to make,” said Broncos President Joe Ellis. “How are we going to proceed long-term when it comes to the stadium? There are all kinds of things that go into evaluating a new stadium. From a big picture perspective — that will be issue No. 1.”

Empower Field at Mile High is not an old stadium. It will turn 21 years old later this August and has went through a $30 million upgrade in 2012. The stadium itself cost $400 million to build with 75% of that financing coming directly from Colorado taxpayers.

Ellis revealed that the cost of the next stadium would make that original cost look like peanuts in comparison.

“It’s estimated at $2 billion and the estimates never come in,” he said. “And you’ve got all these environmental inputs with inflation and supply chain issues, raw materials. So this thing is going to cost quite a bit more than $2 billion.”

If the new owner does end up getting a new stadium deal along similar terms, the State of Colorado would see their costs balloon from the $300 million they spent on Empower Field at Mile High to $1.5 billion this time around.

That estimated cost from Joe Ellis could be a little high considering the Buffalo Bills new stadium will come in at $1.4 billion, with state and local governments only covering 60% of those costs at $850 million.

Stadium deals are almost always highly contentious events. The Bills threatened to move to Toronto and, I am sure, the new Broncos owner will have to make similar threats if a new stadium is something that is a must-have for them.

As a fan, there are a couple of considerations that put me into the pro new stadium category.

  1. The first is that I’ve never really liked the new stadium. I grew up in the 80s and 90s knowing that few NFL stadiums could muster the homefield advantage like that old Mile High did. The new stadium just didn’t give that same kind of vibe. It can get loud, for sure, but ask any old time season ticket holder if the new stadium matched the old.
  2. Hosting the Super Bowl. If you ever want to see a Super Bowl hosted in Denver, you’ll need to support the building of a brand new modern facility.

The biggest con (besides the massive price tag) is that the new stadium would likely have a retractable roof. I absolutely hate that. Football was meant to be played outdoors.

However, if a new stadium does become a hot-button issue for the new owner we can expect it to dominant the non-football related Broncos’ discourse just as heavily as the search for a new owner has.

Where do you stand on the potential for the Broncos to land a new stadium?

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