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Broncos’ freezing cold draft take: Just say no to Josh Allen

Imagine saying Josh Allen was 100% a bust and then suffering through four more years of horrific quarterback play. That was me.

With the 2022 NFL Draft for the Denver Broncos just a day away, what better way to enjoy today’s festivities than to look back at previous drafts. For this one, we’re going to look at the worst draft takes ever. Before you see my worst draft take, check out this video from the Broncos YouTube account with players reacting to some of their pre-draft takes.

I’ve personally had more bad takes than one person could possibly keep track of. It’s a negative of covering a team 24/7/365 for 15 years now. My worst take wasn’t even draft-related. It was a guy who had full-blown Tebowmania and unable to see that Peyton Manning was going to be a massive upgrade over Tim Tebow. I questioned the Manning signing. Yes, point and laugh. I laugh at myself for that one.

However, when it comes to really bad draft takes I’ve trended more towards caution than extremes. So it was hard to nail down a winner for this post. I almost went with my Knowshon Moreno take I had when I consistently compared him to Terrell Davis all offseason, but I decided to go with a more recent bad take.

In 2018 the Broncos held the fifth overall pick in the draft and there was a ton of buzz around John Elway’s infatuation with Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen.

At the time, Paxton Lynch had just wrapped up two awful seasons as a first round pick and he easily goes down as one of the worst first round quarterbacks of all-time. The memes around Elway and tall quarterbacks still persist to this day, so when 2018 rolled around and it looked like Josh Allen would be available all I could see is Paxton Lynch.

I got what I wanted. Denver selected Bradley Chubb and the rest was history. The history being Chubb looking like a good pick when not injured and the Broncos going through four more years of horrific quarterback play. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills landed a legit franchise quarterback.

So yeah, that’s the freezing cold draft take that hurts me the most. What is yours? Share in the comments section below.

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