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It is nice having a franchise quarterback again

Russell Wilson is setting up the Denver Broncos for a big step forward offensively in 2022. It is nice to see a quarterback leading in the offseason for a change

Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks at Century Field Photo By John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images

We’ve been nuts about quarterbacks for decades. I’ve gotten hyped in the past few years over talk in the offseason about our young QBs working out with the receivers before OTAs. It is a question the media asks the Broncos every year around now.

But looking back, I realize the hype I felt was just a large dose of hopium from me being a fan.

Fast forward to today and I read an article asking Peyton Manning about Russell Wilson and I am feeling the same hype, but it sure seems more real. Wilson has more chutzpah than any of the “starting” quarterbacks we’ve had in Denver in the past five seasons. He’s also kind enough to put out some nice PR tweets with workout video footage.

Is it a bit cheesy? Absolutely.

Does it feel a little staged? You bet.

Am I more excited for Broncos football than I have been since Super Bowl 50?

Damn skippy I am.

(But seriously...can everyone stop saying, “Let’s ride.” I’m already so over it.)

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