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With Kareem Jackson signed, do the Broncos have any remaining needs going into the NFL Draft?

AJ Schulte and Joe Rowles discuss on this week’s Cover 2 Broncos.

The Denver Broncos are in the midst of preparations for the 2022 NFL Draft. Following the Russell Wilson trade it looks like George Paton will not make a pick until 64, or the end of the second round, barring a trade. That reality marks a significant change for the franchise after five straight years with a pick in the first 20 selections of the first round. The last time Denver didn’t pick until the second round was 2012. Peyton Manning was newly signed and John Elway elected to make multiple trades to slide out of day one.

To discuss the situation in front of the Broncos’ second year general manager I spoke with Mile High Report’s AJ Schulte on this week’s Cover 2 Broncos. What follows is a brief overview of the topics we covered, as well as the picks we agreed on for a live mock.

1. Do the Broncos have any pressing needs? Are there any prospects who jump out as potential answers for those needs where the Broncos are expected to draft?

  • RT?
  • TE?
  • RB?
  • CB?
  • S?
  • LB?
  • QB2?

2. The Broncos have shown an interest in the following players through their official visits. Each team is allotted 30 and there’s little reason for subterfuge this year:

  • OT Tyler Smith
  • OT Abraham Lucas
  • OT - Matt Waletzko
  • OT - Braxton Jones
  • iOL Dylan Parham
  • iOL Cole Strange
  • iOL Cam Jurgens
  • CB Cordale Flott
  • DB Nick Grant
  • DB - Ja’Quan McMillan
  • RB Isaih Pacheco
  • TE Cole Turner
  • QB/WR/KR Jared Bernhardt
  • QB/WR - D’Eriq King
  • WR - Tyquan Thornton
  • ED - Isaiah Thomas

3. Are there any positions you hope the Broncos avoid? Why?

4. What does “Best Player Available” really mean for this Broncos’ team?

5. After years picking in the top 20, the Broncos currently pick at 64, 75, 96, 115, 116, 145, 207, and 233. What are realistic expectations for this rookie class?

6. The Broncos new coaching staff means the scheme is getting overhauled. What changes loom, and what does it mean for the draft class as well as the current roster?

7. Looking at day 3 prospects means often evaluating an incomplete player and projecting how he’ll improve. What traits tend to improve the most once a player reaches the league and spends time in an NFL strength and conditioning program? What doesn’t?

8. Tune in to hear AJ and I discuss our picks for the Broncos live Mock.