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Nik Bonitto is “blessed’ to be a Denver Bronco

The Oklahoma Sooners edge rusher shares his reaction to being drafted by the Denver Broncos at No. 64.

In a moment he’ll “remember forever,” Oklahoma Sooners’ Nik Bonitto was selected by the Denver Broncos at pick #64 of the 2022 NFL Draft!

In last night’s presser, the OLB expressed what it was like getting that phone call in his home of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“This is crazy man—how everything happened,” Bonitto said, “Now waiting—just getting that call. I couldn’t even hold it back. I can’t wait to get to work.”

Denver was one of the OLB’s more recent visits and, according to him, he was getting a “vibe” from the staff that made him hopeful for getting drafted. “They really made me a priority,” he explained, “They really made me feel like they wanted me. I just had a feeling that if I made it to them, that I would be blessed enough to get picked there and that’s what happened.”

Asked about his prior knowledge of the Broncos as an organization, Bonitto noted their winning history. “A lot of success there. A lot of great players that came through there. Great team right now—looking to make a push and win a championship, and that’s what I’m trying to add-in,” he stated.

“I’m trying to add in that championship position and just come in and work, that’s all.”

Bonitto feels that he brings a “one-of-a-kind” pass-rushing (which he calls “p-rush”) style. “I feel like it can definitely add to and complement different guys in the room,” he elaborated, “Just being able to fit in where I can when it comes to rushing. That’s the goal out there.”

Though confident in bringing something unique to the table, the pass rusher of course has veterans he looks up to, including Von Miller, Shaq Barrett, Brian Burns, TJ Watt, and Clay Matthews. Looking forward, he is particularly excited to work with Randy Gregory and Bradley Chubb.

“Those are two guys who have had a lot of success in the league,” he declared, “Learning from a guy like Randy who had a great year last year. A guy like Chubb, very highly picked—talented guy...just getting to learn from those guys is going to be great for me.”

Bonitto admitted he’s only been to Denver once, for a ski trip when he was six or seven years old, and he knows how cold it can be and how the elevation affects oxygen levels; however, he assures that he’s going to adapt. “That atmosphere—it’s a little hard to breathe at first, but trust me I’ll get used to it.”