Having a good QB makes this a great time to be a Bronco fan.

What a truly great time it is to be a Bronco fan. Reminds me of 2011 when Tebow made the Broncos exciting to watch. Russell Wilson is a mundane version of PFM. He will deliver and his 'good but not great' ability to read a defense is mitigated by his ability to scramble.

I just watched a USFL game where our former third string QB Kyle Sloter for the New Orleans Breakers overcame his first half play with 3 interceptions. 1 was a pick six no less. Our former third string QB behind Case Keenam was not even a big fish in a small pond in the USFL until his last play of the game with ~15 seconds left in a 17-14 game. A tie was possible, but his coaches mustered enough faith in Sloter's ability in order to give him another long bomb throw. And it worked! His truly beautiful TD pass to the endzone that sealed the win was testament to what TYJE saw in him in order to sign him to DEN back when. I am just so grateful for our current QB room. Having a good NFL QB solves so many other issues.

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